Get inspiration on how to use technology to make collective and impactful progress against the world’s most pressing challenges.

We have provided worldwide organizations with sustainable IT solutions since 1995, and we deliver everything from servers, storage, networks, PC’s, printers, consulting and services - even carbon neutral due to our DHL Express GoGreen agreement.



As professional consultants, we take pride in proposing the best solution, and then shaping a tailored service with watertight logistics built in to meet the needs of today's NGOs. From procurement, data-protection, internal audit and financial regulations to international trade licenses, you can be sure of global compliance.

Helping each other to make a difference

Sabine Heide works in Danoffice IT's offices in Svendborg. Since 2017, Sabine has worked with approximately 70 NGOs primarily in Africa. Sabine and the NGOs work together to establish the best agreements possible with IT-manufacturers and distributors in order to bring the most help possible to those who need it. "It makes you feel good when you can help those for whom it TRULY makes a difference" Sabine says.

Luckily, Sabine is not alone to manage this task, but has the backing of her fabulous NGO team of purchasing and logistics specialists: Allan Løgtholdt, Frederik Holm, Kiwi Sambleben and Jesper Steiner.

Better Together

At the Nethope Global Summit, we have teamed up with one of our strong partners in the data center, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Whether your data center is on premises, in the cloud or a hybrid thereof, the solution must be supported by your business. We offer the best advice and analysis in these areas. Our IT Technologists are among the highest certified and they travel around the world to advise on, design, implement and maintain data center solutions.

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