The digital workplace has a wide scope and spans across multiple devices and platforms. The essence is productivity and achieving results. Additionally, there is a focus on providing a good user experience, flexibility, high security, and efficient administration - with automation and business understanding as key elements.

At Danoffice IT, we are not committed to a specific ideology regarding the type of device or platform you should use. Everyone works differently, depending on the task. Therefore, our starting point is your experience and that of your users. We offer a wide range of solutions and services within the digital workplace that can assist you. You only need to choose, how we may help you.

Order hardware and licenses with the help of our specialists and global logistics. Let our experienced consultants in Professional Services assist with tasks such as design, implementation, migration, and optimization. Or create a service agreement with our Managed Services based on our extensive service catalog for stable and secure operations every day. The models can naturally be combined to fit your needs and business perfectly.

We will advise you all the way through your personal sales representative and Inside Sales team, as well as our specialists and dedicated teams. Read more about the possibilities with the digital workplace below and contact us if you want to know more.


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Personal contact

As a customer at Danoffice IT, you have a dedicated sales representative and your own Inside Sales team – because personal contact is important for both us and you. We get to know each other, so the collaboration becomes smooth and efficient. Specialized knowledge about your requirements and needs is transferred within our value chain, so you don't have to tell the same story multiple times.


If you haven't done business with us before and therefore do not have a personal contact yet, please call or write to us.

ESG advisory

The environment and the climate are under tremendous pressure and at Danoffice IT we have committed ourselves to contributing to the sustainable adaptation. Therefore, we have implemented a number of efforts in our value chain. One of our goals is to reduce our own CO2 emissions by at least 50% by 2030.


Our dedicated ESG Manager not only helps us but also gladly guides you in the right direction. Both directly and by educating us to advise on more environmentally friendly solutions. Additionally, we offer to prepare CO2e reports, so you can gain insight into and documentation of the positive impact you make when recycling your used IT equipment.

Three Delivery Models

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