Doing business with the entire world across borders places great demands on us as the supplier. There is a big difference between how the services and warranties for IT products are managed in various countries. Therefore, we are proud to be able to offer a unique global warranty and service program: Our Manufacturer Mandate.

We are often met with requests or even demands for a standardized service or a warranty on a product. On a global scale. Now, with more than 25 years of experience in the industry of supplying IT solutions to the entire world, we are able to offer just that.

We have been given a very important mandate for the benefit of our customers across the globe. That is we can do business on a broad spectrum which means we can offer the same services regardless of any border. We can move the warranty provided by the manufacturer for the individual product around to any location where the product is located and we even adapt the warranty to the current local requirements. That is the core of our Manufacturer Mandate. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.



A Global IT Manager's Most Powerful Tool

The key to success for an IT manager in a global company is having a great strategy in place. One of the most critical roads to success is to standardize one’s hardware program as much as possible. Our Manufacturer Mandate delivers a standardized service worldwide, without limitations or the need to make adaptations.


As an IT manager, you can thus create a global strategy without reservations created by the equipment used in your organization. We can provide a standard agreement regardless of where your user is located. As an example, even if your headquarter is in New York, the same terms will apply for your users in Yemen.

Worldwide Solutions

Organizations are often faced with great challenges in being compliant with international legislation when IT hardware needs to be shipped to their worldwide locations. Errors in export compliance can be very expensive and cause great delays and, in a worst case scenario; it can damage the image of the organization.

At Danoffice IT, we have a dedicated team of specialists whose sole job it is to comply with the legal requirements and regulations related to export. This is partly why we are able to offer a standardized service on behalf of all the manufacturers with whom we have a strategic partnership. All rules are complied with, from beginning to end, and together with our global logistics and Supply Chain services, we create the ultimate sense of security for you.


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Born Global

We have earned our reputation from decades of experience in working globally with companies in the public and private sector, with organizations, and with NGO’s. They all have needs worldwide and are all dependent on the global presence of Danoffice IT. Our service is extensive, including counseling, sales, and complete after sales service – complete flexibility to accommodate the needs of today’s complex, global companies and organizations.

Three Delivery Models

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