Nowadays, the world has become substantially digitally connected and employees have become accustomed to the hybrid work model. This creates new requirements for the company’s IT solutions. Conversely, the flexible workplace improves the employees’ work satisfaction and increases their productivity. As such, there are excellent reasons to look into the opportunities in Virtual Workplace.


The modern company must accommodate the employees’ need for flexibility and their need to have secure and efficient access to the IT systems regardless of time and place. Our Virtual Workplace team works together with you to develop IT solutions that are meaningful and provide measurable value while ensuring that you can facilitate all the benefits of the modern and flexible work life.


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Leverage the Benefits of the Modern, Hybrid Work Life

In order for your IT solution to provide the most value, it should be long-term, profitable, and tailored to your needs. We are at your side from the strategic planning to the daily operations.


At Danoffice IT, we place great value on the collaboration with our customers. We develop IT solutions that are meaningful to you and focused on your vision and practical everyday needs. We are available to you when you need us. Our consultants are certified at the highest levels and stay with you from the strategic planning through the daily operations. Our Virtual Workplace team ensures that you IT solution is adapted to modern work life and will help you achieve your business goals.

Hybrid Workplaces Must be Secure

Companies who offer hybrid workplaces should always place security high on the agenda – both in relation to the remote access to the data, as well as accessibility, backup solutions, and compliance. Our Virtual Workplace team will assist you in maintaining security in your IT systems and enable you to access them securely without any concern about losing valuable data. We have the leading expertise in IT solutions for hybrid work life. Together with you, we will create IT solutions that make it simple for you to access your systems regardless of where you are located in the world - without compromising security.



When your IT solution accommodates the employees’ desires for flexibility and way of working, you are making your company a more attractive place to work as well as increasing productivity. For us at Danoffice IT, our core focus is to create IT solutions that are meaningful and create measurable value for our customers. We enable your organization and employees to stay connected through easy access to all IT tools, whether they are in the office, at home, or at the airport on the other side of the world. This flexibility increases the work statisfaction for your employees, that can be crucial to maintaining valuable colleagues as well as recruiting new employees.


Meaningful IT Solutions

IT solutions are meaningful when they both help you work efficiently every day, ensure financial savings for the company, and further the progress for your goals of sustainability. Our team in Virtual Workplace assist in creating IT solutions that are meaningful both in a sustainable manner as well as financially. For instance, several IT resources can be managed through the cloud which will increase the life span of your devices. Furthermore, remote access to your systems and online meetings will enable the hybrid workplace, which reduces transport time and costs on an everyday basis.

  • We Set the Standard

    Our global Solutions & Services set the standard for the sustainable IT solutions of the future. A broad range of services and a high level of specialized knowledge ensures solutions that bring value our customers.

  • Flexible Delivery Models

    Manage the solution on your own. Get help from our consultants. Or, have everything delivered as a service. The choice is yours!

  • Personal Contact

    As our customer you have a dedicated Business Relationship Manager and your own Inside Sales team - because the direct contact is important to us and to you.

  • Clean Lines and Propriety

    We are certified in Anti-Bribery Compliance, and we have a team of export compliance specialists. A safeguard for us all.

  • Proof of What We Do

    We humbly appreciate having a great reputation. Great results create great relationships. The words of our customers in cases and in reference are our finest proof of what we do.

  • Innovation and Progress

    We don't just follow the development of technology - we are an active part of shaping and driving it. Our solid business makes it possible to drive innovation and progress for the benefit of our customers.

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