Since 2005, we have specialized in making a business out of used IT equipment. This is a skill which has become more key and sought after as the overall global IT business has increased its focus on sustainability.

We have in-depth knowledge of the technical abilities of the equipment and from our early beginning, we have established a unique and broad network allowing us to do business internationally which means that today, we buy and sell used IT equipment internationally. We do so across manufacturers, product types, and regardless of volume.

Reuse or recycle

IT equipment is a critical resource – a resource which has a life cycle from manufacturing to recycling. In the phases in-between, most IT equipment can be reused or recycled


Our experience tells us that equipment older than 5-6 years rarely has any significant value. Therefore, when the equipment in effect has been worn out, the components must be used in new solutions. They must either be destroyed in an environmentally safe manner or they must be recycled to manufacture new IT equipment. Because of this we specialize in managing used equipment - whether there is a large amount at once or whether it is handled ongoingly as a service. The earlier we are a part of the process, the better we can manage the swap-out and migration between used and new equipment.

Which used IT equipment can be sold?

Generally speaking, we conduct business with all types of used IT equipment which remains functional and relatively well maintained. We accept the following types of products, regardless of manufacturer:

  • PC's

  • Servers

  • Network equipment

  • Phones and Tablets

  • Storage & Backup

Turn your used IT equipment into good business

The era of the consumer culture, in which goods are purchased and discarded, is coming to an end. Moreover, the requirements of the resource-heavy industries increasing their considerations for the environment and climate are increasing. Naturally.


As a company, you now have the opportunity to switch to a thoughtful buy and sell mentality. A circular mentality. Your used IT equipment has value and the earlier you take action and monitor the life cycle of the equipment, the greater value it will have when it comes time to re-sale.

The sooner you make a decision about selling your used IT equipment, the greater the value will be of that equipment at the time of re-sale


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  • 74 Million Tons of E-Waste

    The UN estimates that we generate around 74 million tons of electronic waste every year. That is equivalent to throwing away 800 laptops every second.

  • Globally, only 17.5% of Electronic Waste Is Recycled

    In Europe, we are the leader in documented recycled IT equipment at 43%. But globally, there is only documentation for recycling 17.5%.

  • IT Is Toxic

    Electronic waste contains toxic substances, like mercury, lead, arsenic, selenium, chromium, and flame retardants.

  • 70% of All Toxic Waste Is Electronic Waste

    85% of E-Waste is sent for incineration, from where it releases harmful toxins into the air.

  • Electronics Contain Lead

    …which can damage our central nervous system and kidneys - and children's mental development can be affected even by very low exposure to lead.

  • More Consumption - More Waste

    300 million computers and 1 billion cellular phones are produced every year. This is expected to increase by 8% each year.

  • The Most Common, But Dangerous Electronic Items

    …include your television and computers that may contain cathode ray tubes.

We extend the lifespan

IT equipment continues to be replaced frequently. When new employees are hired the IT equipment is usually replaced. This is a great benefit for commerce but causes damage to our environment if it is not done in a sustainable and responsible manner.

At edgemo green, we strive to sell all IT related products which we retrieve from our customers. We give the products a new purpose, maybe in another part of the world and maybe in a completely new context, yet what is certain is that we will extend the lifespan of the equipment!

Green circular economy is not only an improvement for the environment, there is also a potential financial gain associated with recycle or re-use. 

Our work is founded on UN’s Global Goals in order to create the best-possible result for you in your CSR-work and to create joint action for the environment and climate. Learn more about our work on sustainability. 

Does this mean that we can ensure a new life for all equipment? No, even the best equipment will in time retire. In those instances, we ensure that the equipment is recycled in the most optimal way either as part of an extraction of raw materials or for parts. All done pursuant to ISO 14001.


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