At Danoffice IT, one of our absolute biggest areas of expertise is the cloud and data platform including the network. Whether there is a need for it to be on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid thereof, we can create a set-up which is exactly how you want it - and with the exact level of help you want, via our three delivery models.

Order hardware and licenses with the help of our specialists and global logistics. Let our experienced consultants in Professional Services assist with tasks such as design, implementation, migration, and optimization. Or create a service agreement with our Managed Services based on our extensive service catalog for stable and secure operations every day. The models can naturally be combined to fit your needs and business perfectly.

Your personal account manager and Inside Sales team as well as our specialists and dedicated teams will counsel you through everything. Together, we provide you with a solid professional foundation available to you to assist you in making the right decisions. Learn more about the options in network, cloud- and data platforms below and reach out to us if you would like to learn more.


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Data Placement

The current trend is certainly the hybrid IT infrastructure in that it provides a combination of cloud and on-premises datacenters – wherein the cloud is at the center of the overall picture. An increasing number of  companies choose a solution that is invoiced by usage meaning you only pay for the IT you use, when you use it. That makes sense both financially and environmentally. Regardless of your needs and circumstances, we can help you find the proper balance, for instance by performing an analysis of your infrastructure. That provides a better foundation for decision making when you need to make big changes in your infrastructure.


At Danoffice IT, we have specialists who have the highest certifications in network solutions and we manage all parts of the process from counseling, hardware and license management, to implementation and operation. Among other things, we ensure thorough Network Access Control and profiling of units. If the best solution for you is placing operation and maintenance of your network into a managed service, we are ready to take that on that from initial design to secure operation.  

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Hardware Service

When you invest in the datacenter and network, often times, licenses, warranties, and conditions come along with it from the manufacturer. At Danoffice IT, we have a team that will manage it for you. They simplify the manufacturer’s service agreement so rather than a 100-page agreement, you will have a 1-page agreement. We take care of the legalese. Our Hardware Service includes renewal of agreements and management of SLA, among other things. We give you a complete overview of your assets one year into the future which allows you a continuous understanding of your expenditures. That provides an overview of budgeting and savings.
That is a service you do not see too often and it even comes free of charge!

  • Flexible Delivery Models

    Manage the solution on your own. Get help from our consultants. Or, have everything delivered as a service. The choice is yours!

  • Personal Contact

    As our customer you have a dedicated Business Relationship Manager and your own Inside Sales team - because the direct contact is important to us and to you.

  • No Silos

    We believe in dialogue. Our advice and consulting services are not limited by a silo approach. In our organization, specialists and departments collaborate, fostering mutual development.

  • We Set the Standard

    Our global Solutions & Services set the standard for the sustainable IT solutions of the future. A broad range of services and a high level of specialized knowledge ensures solutions that bring value our customers.

  • Innovation and Progress

    We don't just follow the development of technology - we are an active part of shaping and driving it. Our solid business makes it possible to drive innovation and progress for the benefit of our customers.

  • IT Security in Everything

    Security is a competitive measure. Security and business are interconnected. Therefore, IT security becomes a part of everything we deliver, from consulting to solution.

Three Delivery Models

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