Our three flexible delivery models allow you to get it exactly how you like it. One of our options is to order the hardware and licenses and then you handle the implementation and operations yourself. Naturally, we will guide you along the way through your personal account manager and Inside Sales team as well as our specialists and dedicated teams.

Together, we provide a strong foundational skillset which is available to you to make the right decisions. Read more about the options for counseling on and delivery of hardware and licenses below.

You can also select the option of having help on various aspects of the project such as implementation, migration, and optimization all provided by our consultants in Professional Services. We call that delivery model: We DO IT together.

Last, but not least, you can allow our Managed Services to help you with a complete solution which also includes daily operation. We call that delivery model: Let us DO IT.



Personal Contact

As a customer of Danoffice IT, you will have a dedicated account manager and your own Inside Sales team because personal contact is important to us and to you. We get to know each other which makes the collaboration smooth and efficient. Specialized knowledge of your needs and demands is transferred in our value chain so you do not need to tell the same story twice.


If you have not done business with us before and thus have no point of contact, then give us a call, or send us a message.

Licenses & CSP

Proper licensing can make a substantial financial, security, and operational difference. Therefore, at Danoffice IT, we have dedicated license specialists with incredibly specialized knowhow who can help you with both individual tasks as well as an overall overview. Our clear recommendation is to revisit your users and licenses with regular pre-scheduled intervals.


We collaborate with several partners and as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we can offer you 24/7 access to Microsoft Premier Support

Data Platform & HPC


One of our greatest areas of expertise at Danoffice IT is the datacenter and network. Our consultants are global ambassadors and among those with the highest certifications in the world. This expertise is made available to you if you are considering changes in the IT infrastructure, whether it is on a large or smaller scale.

If we are talking the biggest scale, meaning High Performance Computing (HPC), our consultants are also part of the package. They will gladly juggle petabytes of data, water-cooled clusters and AI in the fast lane of new technology.

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Hardware Service

When you invest in the datacenter and network, licenses, warranties, and terms from the manufacturer are often included. At Danoffice IT, we have a team that will handle all of that for you. They simplify the manufacturer’s service agreement so instead of a 100-page agreement, you are given a one-page agreement.

Our Hardware Service includes renewal of agreements and a handle on the SLA, among other things. 

You are given a complete overview of your assets for a whole year which allows you to have an understanding of the expenditure levels. That provides a complete overview for budgeting, and savings. That is not a service you get from many and we even provide it free of charge!

ESG Guidance

The environment and the climate are put under pressure and at Danoffice IT, we have committed ourselves to contributing to sustainable adaptation. Therefore, we have made adjustments in our entire value chain including everything from greener logistics to a 50% reduction of our CO2 emissions in 2030.

Our dedicated ESG Manager assists not only us but also you with moving in the right direction. She will do so in a direct manner, but also by educating us so that we may counsel you on more environmentally friendly solutions. In addition to that, we offer to provide you with a CO2e report to provide you with insight, in writing, into the positive imprint you have when you recycle your used IT equipment.  

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