Since the beginning of Danoffice IT, we have worked hard to set the highest possible standards for decency and security. Being a born global company with a span to the furthest corners of the world and in that we are a leading supplier to the world’s largest charitable organizations, we have a big responsibility to live up to.

Our task is something special and so is our responsibility. Therefore, in our book, responsibility is one overall term that spans over many complex efforts through which we are constantly working to contribute to the sustainable adaptation, social responsibility, and an increase in our customers’ and employees' security.

We desire to act in an ethically responsible, honest, and credible manner. And after more than twenty years in the business, those are the parameters that set us apart on the global level. We do this with the ambition to be best in class. Therefore, we have a dedicated compliance team and a dedicated ESG Manager.

We share our specialized knowledge with the world in our annual Communications On Progress (COP) report. In this, we provide the status and results of our ESG efforts. All the initiatives on everything from ISO certified anti-corruption to the reduction of CO2 emissions, can be viewed here.


ESG - Environment


The environment and the climate are under tremendous pressure and as is evident from our open COP report, we have committed ourselves to contributing to the sustainable adaptation. One of the goals is to reduce our own CO2 emissions by at least 50% by 2030. Therefore, we have implemented a number of efforts in our value chain. As an example, we offer a CO2 report to our customers which can provide a number reflecting the positive imprint they are making when they recycle their used IT equipment.

ESG - Social


For more than two decades, we have supplied technology to developing countries and the hotspots of the world. We have seen firsthand what a difference technology can make to individual societies in these areas. Therefore, as part of our ESG program, we have created, dedicated, and committed ourselves to a large amount of initiatives in which UN Global Compact are at the center. It is our declared ambition to lead the way to improve diversity, equality, and inclusion in our own organization and our industry.  

ESG - Governmental


In order to ensure that we are operating at the highest level, we have a dedicated compliance team consisting of experienced professionals. They ensure that our policies and procedures reflect the most recent requirements and best practices in anti-corruption, GDPR, and export control. Our goal is not just to comply, but also to lead the way when it comes to adhering to all relevant standards for ethical and legal business management.

”We have worked with compliance for nearly three decades. Since 2016, we have been certified in anti-bribery management systems via ISO 37001. Therefore, I am proud to say that we are Best in Class, but more importantly, we are contributing to making a difference in the countries we do business in.”

Lars Baun Jensen, CEO of Danoffice IT

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