Doing business with Danoffice IT Green is easy. Below we describe how it happens. Together we must go through 6 carefully defined steps. This is a process that we have continuously developed and refined since the beginning.


Determining your needs

Together we commence the initial determination of whether it is
cost-effective to commence the process for retrieving, managing, and resale of your used IT equipment.
If a potential value to you is determined, we will enter into
an agreement about terms of
shipping, a date for pick-up, and general terms and conditions


Pickup and data wipe

The equipment will be picked up
at the agreed-upon address(es).
We will sort and conduct functional testing of it in our warehouse.
We then carefully carry out
the data wiping in accordance
with the applicable laws as
well as in accordance with our own 
outlined standards and procedures.



Certified destruction

Defective and worthless IT equipment is destroyed with great consideration for the environment. If you have products which must be recycled, we ensure that it will solely be provided to environmentally approved players.
All of our cooperation partners are ISO 14001 certified.


Equipment resale

The functional equipment having all data wiped is now finally ready for resale. Naturally we also ensure removal of any antitheft markings or other markings.


Settlement and documentation

We provide a combined report
and a certificate of the data-wipe.
We will then settle the re-sellable equipment with you including
any deduction for possible
errors or defects.


CSR certificate

You and your co-workers can donate a portion of the amount through our CSR-program to an initiative that works with social responsibility.
You can choose an initiative yourself - or we can help you find one.
You will receive our CSR certificate as proof of this.

There is a need for our actions

  • Additional waste

    More than 300 mio. PC's and 1 billion phones are produced each year. The UN estimates that the annual electronic waste amounts to

    mio. tons
  • Too little is recycled

    In Europe, we are ahead in documented recycled IT equipment at 43%. However, globally, there is only documentation to verify

    recycled equipment
  • IT is toxic

    E-waste contains substances such as mercury, lead, arsenic, selenium, chromium, and flame retardants. Of all the combined toxic waste, E-waste amounts to a total of

    of all toxic waste

Let us help you
with your used it