Working with Us

  • Dedicated Team

    As our customer you have your own dedicated team because direct contact is important to us and to you.

  • Global Reach

    We are specialized in cross-border commerce. Our unique logistics platform provides security to our customers in more than 180 countries.

  • Decades of Experience

    Since 1995, we have promoted innovation and progress for the benefit of our customers. We set the standard for the IT solutions of the future.

    Years of Experience

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Established in 1995

A Global Powerhouse

Danoffice IT is a supplier of IT infrastructure to organizations both in the public and private sector, all around the world, and we are a leading supplier of IT to IGO’s and NGO’s.


Our business areas are founded on the IT infrastructure upon which your applications operate. We provide consulting both in and out of the cloud, we supply 100% user-ready devices, and we provide solutions and services to support your business. We assist in providing the users with safe and secure access to data, systems, and applications to ensure efficient and seamless productivity. We do all this while maintaining a keen focus on sustainability.

Our 300+ colleagues are spread across our Danish locations in Svendborg, Hinnerup, Ballerup, and our worldwide locations in Switzerland, USA, Singapore, India, and China. Our annual revenue exceeds 3 billion Danish kroner.

  • No Borders

    We are specialized in cross-border trade, leading in Supply Chain Services and global logistics with a specialist team in export compliance.

  • Clean Lines and Propriety

    We are certified in Anti-Bribery Compliance, and we have a team of export compliance specialists. A safeguard for us all.

  • Aware of our Responsibility

    Greener logistics and 50% reduction of our CO2 emissions in 2030 - we are taking action in all aspects of our value chains and business.

  • IT Security in Everything

    Security is a competitive measure. Security and business are interconnected. Therefore, IT security becomes a part of everything we deliver, from consulting to solution.

  • Flexible Delivery Models

    Manage the solution on your own. Get help from our consultants. Or, have everything delivered as a service. The choice is yours!

  • Innovation and Progress

    We don't just follow the development of technology - we are an active part of shaping and driving it. Our solid business makes it possible to drive innovation and progress for the benefit of our customers.

  • Local Presence

    Being present and attentive creates success! We are present locally worldwide - which enables us to stay closer to our customers and the market. Here, sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand.

  • Cultural Understanding

    For more than two decades, we have built a cultural understanding and insight into global commerce. This is a unique know-how which enables us to keep our customers protected across the globe.

Our Culture

While our business is IT, it is not just about IT.
We have founded our solid business and constant development upon ensuring that we thrive together as people. Jointly and individually.

We are Aware of our Responsibility

Since 2016, we have been certified in anti-bribery management systems via ISO 37001.
We have committed ourselves to contributing to sustainable adaptation. Therefore, we have made adjustments in our entire value chain including everything from greener logistics to a 50% reduction of our CO2 emissions in 2030.

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