When you recycle your used IT equipment through Danoffice IT Green, you have the opportunity to see the actual numbers and have true documentation of the positive imprint you are making in the world.

We can prepare a CO2e report in which you will see the actual numbers reflecting exactly how much CO2e emission is avoided by you ensuring that your used IT equipment is recycled.

In order to act efficiently, you need knowledge and insight. This is certainly the case when it comes to carbon footprint and sustainability both of which are considered to be esoteric, incalculable, or complex. As such, we can create calculability for our customers through our CO2e reports.  

Create an awareness

”When you have us prepare a report regarding your used IT equipment, you help create an awareness of the positive imprint you are helping to make. In addition to that, it also creates an awareness of the imprint created by IT in general all of which can create a foundation for future action. When you have clarity, you can take more precise action” says Morten Arknæs, Vice President, Danoffice IT Green.


There are plenty of concepts going around, but we cannot get around addressing the small “e” in CO2e. Maybe you were wondering about that too? There is a very good and green reason for it.


CO2e: Carbon Dioxide Equivalent – a unit of measure for the total amount of carbon emissions surrounding a given product. This includes CO2, but also methane, nitrogen oxide and many other gasses.

CO2: The well-known carbon dioxide – and nothing more.


In other words, we include everything when we prepare a CO2e report for you.

Protect the Environment from CO2

Aside from the green perspective for the company itself, the CO2e report also demonstrates how the equipment fits into the societal arena. If your company wants to purchase new PC’s, we determine how we can sell on, meaning recycle, your used PC’s. This way, you contribute to society being saved from a specific amount of CO2 because the purchaser of your used equipment did not need to purchase newly manufactured products.

This concept is referred to as Avoided Emissions and you will even have documentation of this. The new customer can deduct the savings in its own CO2 green accounting and you will have saved society from CO2 emissions. This is exactly what your report will document.

Recycle or Reuse

Sustainability is a concept which causes great confusion and one common misconception affects the used IT equipment business quite often: will your equipment be reused or recycled? Here is a breakdown for you:


Reuse = When a product is used again for the same purpose. We wipe the product from all data and prepare it for a new life in another company.


Recycling: When parts of a product are recycled in new ways. Your equipment is separated, sorted, and components are used again in new and other products, if possible.

Repair Carbon Footprint?

This is a term rarely used in daily life but when a company green’s accounting is calculated and you make the decision to recycle your used IT equipment, the relevance becomes obvious. An example:

A randomly selected laptop computer leaves a CO2 footprint of approximately 275 kg of CO2e. And even though repair naturally also creates CO2 emissions, the difference is drastic. The very same product will create a CO2 emissions footprint of only 7 kg after being repaired. Thus, a savings of 268 kg CO2e is created per unit. 

This is a savings which our CO2e report documents and verifies based on the ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards. When you take this and compare it to the footprint left from manufacturing and transportation, you will have a clear idea of the effect it has to allow your used IT equipment to be reused or recycled.