At Danoffice IT, we work in line with UN’s Global Goals and since 2007, we have committed ourselves to being a part of UN’s Global Compact. We are also ISO certified in anti-corruption and bribery as part of our work on social responsibility. We do this because decency and justice are prerequisites to a safe life and positive development.

For more than two decades, we have supplied technology to the largest relief organizations in the world. We have used that experience to create a platform from which we can be a part of helping people in need.

Our experience in bringing technology to the developing countries and to the hotspots in the world allows us to see how big of a difference the access to technology can make to the individual society. Therefore, as part of our overall ESG program, we have commenced, obligated, and committed ourselves to several initiatives centered around UN Global Compact.

Each year, we prepare a detailed Communications On Progress (COP) report, in which we outline the status and results of our overall ESG efforts. All initiatives made from social responsibility to reduction of CO2 emissions can be viewed here.


Global Goal #3

Health & Wellbeing

This goal revolves around ensuring good health for all people. Our annual meaningful survey is focused on the wellbeing of our employees.

Global Goal #16

Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

This goal is about ensuring the best possible terms for peace and security in society. This is done through creating strong institutions among other things.

Social Responsibility

Action requires communities. Action creates communities. We go to great lengths in our work to manifest our pursuit to fulfil our responsibility created by the position we are in. Inequality and injustice in the world must be defeated through decency, responsibility, and awareness. IT equipment and systems cannot do that on their own. Therefore, we have become ISO certified in anti-corruption and bribery to ensure clear lines in all our processes and to create security for the people with whom we do business.

We also support initiatives in the world such as TechGirls which helps young women in Africa obtain a degree in technology and science. In addition to that, Dell Technologies has bestowed us the award for Partner of the Year for Social Impact as a result of our work on social responsibility in the world.

Furthermore, we have committed ourselves to participating in Microsoft’s Partner Pledge program. This is an initiative which focuses on how much we can achieve when we join together and utilize each other’s common strengths. Sustainability, responsibility, diversity, and inclusion are all elements that stretch far beyond our own business, but when you add cyber security, digital skills, and preparedness, we can put ourselves and our overall IT industry to work for the benefit of our future..

Collaboration with NGO’s around the World

Danoffice IT works shoulder to shoulder with more than 55 NGO’s in order to bring help to the hotspots in the world. From our office in Svendborg, we work together to create the best deals with IT manufacturers and distributors so that as much help as possible can be delivered to those in need. We have worked globally with NGO’s and IGO’s since our very beginning and for more than 20 years. Therefore, we have established unique knowhow for the benefit of those organizations.

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Diversity and Equality

We have room for everyone. We see and meet with everyone, from Denmark to the farthest corners of the world. Our declared ambition is to lead the way to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion in our own organization and in our industry. At Danoffice IT, we have a cultural constitution which is a declaration of intent of who we aspire to be, and not to be, as well as an outline of our core values and management principles, by which we desire to live.    

This serves as the guideline for everything we do and it outlines what is expected of us all. By having our cultural constitution, we have created a moral compass which allows us to stay on course and ensures that our work continuously serves to achieve our goal. Our four values are the cornerstones. These are the characteristics we strive to live by.

Our Four Values

  • We have the courage to do things our way. We decline anything that goes against our integrity and decency. We challenge each other and proceed towards a better result for everyone. 

  • In our world, people come first. We create unity despite differences.

  • We listen to one another. We are conscience of our strengths and weaknesses, and we ask for help when we need it.

  • We take action and aim for the best in everything we do. We are always developing and striving for a better tomorrow without any fear of change. 

ESG in Our Business

We work on our responsibility in any way possible in our business. Therefore, all our departments are affected by ESG when it comes to responsibility. In our COP report, you can learn about our work regarding anti-corruption and bribery, our participation in Run for a Purpose, and even the coffee we drink on a daily basis in the office.

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