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At Danoffice IT, we work to make a difference. The same goes for Martha Annan, a young woman from Ghana. We know that our work of bringing technology to the world’s hot spots makes a difference.

Martha is hoping she will also make a difference in the future, and she is working hard to attain that goal. In our work with UN Global Compact, we work with social responsibility, among other things, and sometimes, the opportunities for one individual can make a difference for many. Because of that, we are supporting Martha and her dream.

A young, talented woman

Martha lives her life far from Denmark where the technology development creates an abundance of opportunities, and it creates growth and wellbeing. She lives in a place where 50% of the population is living below the poverty line, a place where a daily income of $2.50 means that the cost of education, computers, and books can only be afforded by very few. Martha is living in these conditions. Add to this the fact that her father passed away when she was a child which meant her mother has been the sole provider for Martha and the family. In other words, a career in the tech industry seemed like an impossible dream. Nonetheless, this is exactly the dream Martha has. She is a young, talented woman who is driven and has ambition not only for herself, but for her country as well.

This is why we chose to support Martha through the initiative called Peace Innovation Foundation and the program TechGirls in 2020. Through this initiative, we were able to donate a scholarship to Martha which allowed her to enroll in a university as her next step towards a career in technology in Ghana. The thing is - Martha is far from alone. In all of Africa, there are many young women who dream of a new and different life. They do not dream of charity, but of the chance for a better life and to make a difference.

Not for Me

For Everyone Else

Martha’s dream truly exemplifies this. She dreams of becoming a computer programmer. However, this is not just about the pursuit of happiness and career, or the technology itself. She hopes to develop innovative software for the hospitals in Ghana in order to make a difference in her society. That is the exact purpose of TechGirls; allowing young women from underdeveloped countries to pursue a career in technology or science. TechGirls is working to change the lives of these talented girls which will impact their families, their country, and their local communities. Martha has truly shown herself to be a fighter. Despite the odds stacked against her, she finished her primary schooling with excellent grades and her teachers want to see her continue her education and achieve success.

From Donations to Ongoing Support

Therefore, starting in 2022, we decided to further dedicate ourselves to the work towards Martha’s future. We supported her in the form of donations in 2020 and 2021 and now, starting in 2022, we have dedicated ourselves to a set amount each year until she finishes her studies. Organizations such as Peace Innovation Foundation and TechGirls make this possible for us and it is an opportunity to make a difference. ESG Manager in Danoffice IT, Henriette Normann-Ekegren explains:

”We have worked to spread technology to the developing countries and the hot spots of the world for more than two decades and we can see how big of a difference the approach to technology can make for the individual society. A difference which is about people. That is why we are so excited that we have now dedicated ourselves to supporting TechGirls and Martha. This is both about IT and people."

"We will make a difference to Martha here and now and she will make a difference later on for others in her work with the technology. Thereby, the rings in the water are spreading and the ripple effect will have an impact on a human and social level.”

Ambitions for Development and the World

Martha’s driving force and ambitions are most certainly her own and given the right opportunity, provide the opportunities to pave the road ahead for Martha. We can see ourselves in her dream. She has ambitions for herself in order to help others. We cannot wait to watch her journey as she works her way towards her goal.

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