Securing data is currently at the top of the list of highly prioritized security measures for a majority of companies. Data integrity and a high level of security is a mandatory prerequisite for running a business.

Because of that, sensitive data and data in general often serves as a road block for companies when they are trying to dispose of used IT equipment. That exact process is what we manage which means that you can become part of going green without the worry.

Security & Experience

For nearly two decades, we have managed proper, secured and certified data-wipes of data for our customers both nationally and internationally. Our specially trained employees have several years of experience in wiping data.


We strictly use software for data-wiping which lives up to industry standards including Common Criteria EAL3+/NCSC (NIST). This ensures that the disc is not only re-written several times, but also that the entire hard disk is addressed, also in areas in which the PC’s BIOS ordinarily would not allow a data-wipe. We make sure that everything is gone when the process is completed. When it comes to special assignments, we have partners in data-wiping with several years of experience who use highly specialized and certified tools. 

Security is more than just GDPR. Learn about our management system for information security (ISMS)


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The highest level of security

If you want to bring in the big guns, we also offer the Degaussing process or a shredding process. Utilizing the Degaussing process entails placing the disc in a magnetic field by which all content is deleted. We use the most powerful Degausser manufactured by VS Security. Note: after using the Degaussing process, a hard disk cannot be re-utilized or re-sold


In the alternative, the disc can be destroyed by using a NIST-approved shredding process. Both processes are often used in instances where a disc has a physical defect which complicates a regular data wipe or if one simply wants ultimate security in the wipe. 

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