International trade in IT equipment is subject to a litany of legal requirements, regulations, standards, and rules. The more complicated the equipment is, the stricter the requirements are. The consequences of overlooking or ignoring these can be fatal for a company. At Danoffice IT, we have an in-house Export Compliance team to provide our customers with an extra layer of security.

Export compliance is an extremely serious matter for those companies who need equipment shipped to various international locations. Lack of time and resources make it difficult for many to acquire the knowledge of the application processes, the laws, and the vast amount of post-reporting and documentation requirements. As a result, some chose not to export.

The end result is that if you want to continue to send products to the furthest corners of the world, there is only one option: adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. Any breach of regulations could involve anything from administrative sanctions, large fines, all the way to imprisonment.

COntact the team

”Because of this, we offer our customer a service which involves ensuring that all paperwork and export permits are in order and afterwards we also handle the necessary reporting. It is a highly specialized function we have available on our team and we are among the very few in Denmark who have a division solely dedicated to this area.”


Carina Lauridsen Mehanovic, Export Compliance Manager & Anti-bribery Compliance Officer at Danoffice IT.

We Are Export Compliance Specialists!

At Danoffice IT, we are pre-approved by a number of government agencies to export equipment which makes the process more efficient. In working with our customers, we ensure efficient and proper compliance with the export regulations, which means we can act swiftly in cases that would normally otherwise be very time-consuming.

Our skills and experience in this area have been built over the course of many years of dedicated efforts. We are proud to call ourselves specialists in this area and when we are your partner, you can feel confident in exporting to the entire world.

Increased Focus on Legislation

Sanctions are adopted and updated at a higher rate of frequency today and we keep this as a core focus in our business. We act to be best in class “Several years of international unrest has created an increased focus on export control from the governments both in Denmark and abroad,” Kamilla Egehav, Compliance Specialist, explains and adds: ”Most countries are dedicating more resources to this area. This is especially the case in light of the increased threat to IT security. We expect that the increase in the number of changes will continue at the same rate and this requires our specialist skillsets to be able to keep up with that pace.”

Focus on Dual-Use Equipment

The legislation regarding IT equipment distinguishes between simple products and more advanced products such as dual-use products. This refers to products that can serve several purposes, such as military purposes, mass surveillance, or the like, but it also covers ordinary office purposes. If the products fall into the wrong hands, they pose a great risk, both for national and international security and therefore, the products are subject to increased export control.


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All Orders Are Screened

We screen all orders for any controlled equipment or sanctioned destinations. In our direct contact with the customers, we experience that many are not aware of the requirements revealed by our screenings in any given transaction. When any need is determined, we work with you to ensure we have the proper documentation ready.

Close cooperation between our Inside Sales and our Compliance Team provides a great level of security for our customers and collaborative partners.

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