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For more than two decades, we at Danoffice IT have worked globally and made an effort to make a difference. As a leading supplier to the world’s leading NGO’s and relief organizations, we know that change is created through action. 

This comes with a great responsibility and an awareness which we keep with us in all that we do. This also applies to our work to improve the climate. As such, we are pleased to announce our new agreement with PostNord and UPS through which we will further reduce our footprint and continue to pave the way for our industry. 

”PostNord is our absolute largest shipping entity used for our shipments within Denmark. We send more than 22,000 packages to Danish customers each year. This is a number on the rise,” Head of Group Logistics at Danoffice IT, Claus Aagaard explains, and goes on to add: “We are very aware of the fact that the transportation piece is the CO2 sinner in a lot of industries, and most certainly in the IT industry. Because of this, our new agreement in which our Danish shipments become part of PostNord’s program called Pakker med Omtanke, translated into Packages with Care, is a crucial piece to our overall strategy aimed at becoming a greener company”. 

Packages with Care

All domestic MyPack packages will be shipped with what is referred to as a climate contribution which is created for the benefit of preserving Danish nature, biodiversity, and our climate. PostNord’s climate contribution will be donated in full to the Danish Nature Fund and the Climate Forest Fund. Both of these organizations are working on projects that among other things serve to reduce the amount of CO2 in Denmark. The contribution to the Danish Nature Fund will be used for the restoration of Hals Bog, a climate project in the Northern part of Jutland which reduces the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by at least 1,900 tons of CO2 per year while the contribution to the Climate Forest Fund will be used for planting new forests in Denmark.

Another important piece is a new agreement with UPS in which Danoffice IT’s annual shipments, an amount that exceeds 1000 shipments, become part of their Carbon Neutral Service Programme.” 1000 shipments may not sound like a lot, but our approach is quite simple in that we make an effort anywhere we can. The crucial aspect is that our overall efforts add up. As it is, we ship globally using DHL Express GoGreen which means we now have a serious platform to truly make a difference,” Claus Aagaard says.


Focused Efforts against Inevitable Footprints

The agreements with PostNord and UPS are part of a bigger picture. We all know the phrase many drops make a mighty ocean and just as with that, our efforts are all about the big picture. This is especially true when we have inevitable challenges, CSR/ESG Manager at Danoffice IT, Henriette Normann-Ekegren says: “We will lead the way for our industry because we simply have to. When the topic is transportation, virtually regardless of industry, we have to include the inevitable footprint. Because of this, we do not refer to our deliveries or our agreements as carbon neutral. It is not possible to get there just yet so instead, we refer to the notion of compensating. That is what we are able to do for now and as such, we do so with great emphasis. We climate compensate; meaning we offset all our deliveries and in total, that most certainly makes a difference, and we are proud of that.”

We Will Lead the Way

Claus Aagaard is focusing on how one creates a greener logistics platform: “For us as a company, it is about reducing our footprint, that is all. Because of this, we select transporters that can assist us in doing so,” he says and adds: “We are also working on the next steps in addition to the agreements with DHL, PostNord, and UPS. We are not working on the direct purchases which we make. In this area, we are putting pressure on our suppliers and their transporters. All of these efforts are made to increase our positive footprint. We want to lead the way and in our industry, therefore it is not only the numbers on the bottom line that are in the black. It is also the green conscience across the board and therefore action is necessary.” 

We Make the Investments

Our new agreement with PostNord comes at a price, but the investment is important. “We want to be one of those customers that help the transport companies become more sustainable,” Claus Aagaard says. “Their sector faces enormous costs in order to make a green adjustment. It is a massive undertaking involving everything from the trucks to the terminals in making the green adjustment. But we must carry the load together, not just the IT industry, but also the industries we deeply rely upon. As such, we view it as our finest task to invest in the opportunities when presented, such as for instance with PostNord and UPS,” Claus Aagaard, Head of Group Logistics at Danoffice IT, concludes.

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