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While the profits generally soar in the IT industry, the conscience weighs heavy. Collectively, we have an obligation to fulfill and luckily, an awareness is solidifying itself and there are many of us who are taking the initiative to move towards greener IT.

At Danoffice IT, we are working on many initiatives throughout our operation in order to reduce our overall imprint. Most recently, we have solidified agreements with three shipping companies regarding compensating for the overall CO2 emissions on the shipping of the products for our customers.

Now, we also have a mission. This is a 0-mission including green power for our 10 locations. This is a new strategic collaboration with a Danish solar start-up called The 0-Mission and this is a solid first step towards green energy in our organization. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.

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We Make a Change Where We Can

The 0-Mission agreement is introduced by a satisfied ESG Manager:

“This agreement marks an important step in the work on our emissions and energy consumption, meaning our use of electricity. The energy market is extremely complex so we have been very thorough in our selection of the right partner,” Henriette Normann-Ekegren explains and elaborates: “This is an area with many pitfalls, however, the ability to select the proper solution and get it right the first time is embedded in our DNA. That makes it all the more satisfying to introduce a partner such as The 0-Mission where we can see ourselves mirrored and see into the future.”

”We are thrilled to be able to find such a powerful partner with whom to collaborate and that it is also an independent start-up. By doing this, we are contributing to the support of the smaller players who dare take a chance and lead the way in the work to benefit the climate. The 0-Mission has demonstrated great courage because to penetrate the energy industry as a smaller player is a great and complex undertaking.”
- Henriette Normann-Ekegren, ESG Manager

An Important Step along the Way

According to Henriette, in our work towards finding a greener solution to our electricity consumption, one crucial element has been that we are not only focused on ourselves. “By investing in this park, we are contributing to bringing green energy to Denmark. In addition to that, it is crucial that we are not just acquiring green electricity for ourselves, but rather, that we are contributing to the support of a new green company which is a part of a larger network of companies who all work for the benefit of the climate and our common future,” Henriette explains.

The agreement with The 0-Mission results in 50% of the electricity used in our overall production being provided solely by their park. When we have a better balance and adjustment of our organization’s consumption, we can increase this percentage, and we will be doing just that.

”At Danoffice IT, we have a responsibility as a global corporation and we are working on living up to that every day. Therefore, we have various ambitious goals for 2030 in our ESG efforts. Among other things, that includes our declared goal to achieve an overall CO2 reduction of at least 50% by 2030. Furthermore, we need to be at 100% CO2 neutrality by 2050.

Therefore, an agreement such as this one is important. Surely, it does not neutralize our overall imprint immediately, but it is an important step along the way,” Henriette Normann-Ekegren explains.

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We Want to Contribute to the Adaptation

Our new agreement is to be viewed in light of the overall efforts for our organization. An overall effort where we can lead the way for our industry and march at the front of the parade for the green adaptation. Part of this work is to be part of a movement and because of that, we have picked an independent initiative.


”Our efforts here are strictly based on user-financed installations. They are not government funded or a part of a government strategy in any way. The parks are built and expanded in conjunction with organizations such as our organization coming on board,” Henriette Normann-Ekegren states.

Nature Must Be Spared

The adaptation to sustainable energy is associated with several challenges, both strategically and culturally. Large installations such as wind turbines and solar cells are given equal amounts of support and resistance.

“At Danoffice IT, it was extremely important to locate a solar park which works in a strategic and biodiverse manner. In The 0-Mission’s parks, there is careful planning in the use of wildflowers and plants. They even had herds of sheep to keep the grass down and fertilize, but they started eating the cables of the installation so they had to put that part of the initiative on hold for the moment. However, overall, their work on biodiversity is remarkable,” Henriette Normann-Ekegren, ESG Manager, Danoffice IT, concludes.

If you would like to know more about this specific initiative or about our ESG efforts in general, please contact Henriette.

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