Last update on August 20, 2019

We will continue taking care of your data

Our Cookie and Privacy Policy applies to situations where we process and handle personal information collected through our websites and newsletters. By agreeing to our Cookie and Privacy Policy you agree that we may handle your data in accordance with our Cookie and Privacy Policy.

In Danoffice IT we have clear guidelines in order for any registered person to submit a complaint. You can read how to do it via the link below.

Complaints Guide

What are personal data?

Personal data are information that can be used to identify a person - such as name, address, phone number, email and identification number. 


Collection of personal data

You actively give us your personal information when you:

  • Fill out forms
  • Order products
  • Use our services
  • Sign up to our events
  • Apply for a job
  • Etc.

Via IP addresses, browser settings, operative systems etc. we collect information about how visitors use our website and newsletters. This information has legitimate interest and will be used to further develop the functionalities and contents in our newsletters and on our websites.


Processing of personal data

The information we collect about you may be used for:

  • Delivering the goods and services you have bought from us
  • Enhancing our communication with you
  • Giving you a more personalized service
  • Enhancing and optimizing our websites
  • Enhancing our customer service and support  

For instance we might use the given email address to send you information about your order, relevant products, services and news, invitations to events and so on. You can retract this consent at any time by click the link in the bottom of our emails. 


Recipients of personal data

We neither sell, trade nor in any other ways transfer your personal data to any third parties. The exceptions to this are trusted third parties which help us maintain our website, maintain our business, delivering your goods or provide a service, as long as these parties adhere to keeping the information confidential and to not use them for any other purposes. 



Cookies are small files that a website or a service provider send to the hard disk on your computer via the browser (if you allow it to do so). The cookies make our website recognize your browser which makes it load and remember this information. We use cookies to perform important functions, to enhance the user experience and to collect statistics on traffic and communication on our websites. 

If you have activated cookies on your browser the information can enhance our communication with you through emails, newsletters and the likes. You can deactivate cookies in your browser and/or delete stored cookies in your browser. Notice that blocking cookies might result in a decreased functionality on the website. 

Read more on which cookies we use at

How long do we store your data?

We only store your data as long as it is relevant for the purpose we had when collecting it. 


Your personal rights

You have the right to:

  • Request a report containing which personal information we have on you. You do this by requesting a so called subject access request.
  • Request that any misleading or wrong information about you will be corrected or that your personal information will be deleted. 
  • Withdraw your consent on collection and processing of your personal data for direct marketing.
  • Make complaints about the handling of your personal Information to the national controlling authority.

You can contact us on to get more information on how to send a request. 


Transfering across borders and links to third parties

Any information that we collect when you use our websites may be stored, processed and/or tranfered between the countries in which we operate in accordance to the Cookie and Privacy Policy.

On our website we might publish or offer third party products. These third party products have their own independant privacy policies. We take no responsibility for contents and events on these assosiated websites. 


Changes to Cookie and Privacy Policy

We maintain the right to update or change the Cookie and Privacy Policy at any time and you should visit this website to get the newest version.


Participation in events organized by Danoffice IT

When you register for one of our events, you agree that your company name and job title will be shared with the potential business partner with whom we run the event. After the completion of the event, we obtain evaluations from the participants and these are stored for 12 months from completion.


Photo/video - reservations regarding the use of photos and video from own events

Danoffice IT occasionally uses images and video from its own activities in printed and digital media to tell the good stories.

Danoffice IT only publishes harmless images of people, and the decisive criterion for the publication is that depicted people cannot reasonably feel exposed, exploited or violated from a normal point of view.

Participants at Danoffice IT's events give permission by registering for Danoffice IT to publish photos and video from the event they are at. If a participant wishes to have a published image removed, where that person is on, contact can be made to Danoffice IT, and the image will be removed from the internet to the extent possible.

Contact us

Contact our Compliance Specialist, Kamilla Egehav, on, if you have any questions regarding our cookie and privacy policy or our processing of personal data, or if you wish to contact us regarding your personal data.

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