Security in everything. 24/7 – 365. Today, security is no longer a necessary evil, but a field of expertise which has moved from the IT departments in the basements all the way to the top floors where management resides. It has gone from being a hassle to being a critical parameter for competition.

Some companies are well on their way, while others have just begun the journey to include IT security in their company’s strategic decisions. At Danoffice IT, we have followed the development from the inside and from the beginning. Because of that, we are in a powerful position when we provide counseling on all possible aspects of working with security.

We know that it is going to take more than a new-found awareness of security alone, or knowledge of systems and technology to achieve a strong and efficient security. The same applies to a powerful contingency plan or emergency support if you consider it separately. None of these elements provide sufficient security on their own. That is why we say that the key to success is an excellent security culture. A culture in which all elements are included and maintained continuously.


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Create a healthy Culture

A healthy security culture is the foundation for our work with security. The work on security in an organization consists of three mutually dependent parameters: culture, governance/process, and technology. Over time, the focus has shifted and most recently, the lens has zoomed in on management and control. However, this must not be done at the cost of the very basic components, but unfortunately, this is what we often see in our initial assessment. There needs to be a balanced focus and that is the foundation for our work on security at Danoffice IT – a healthy security culture.

Broaden Your Security

IT security should not be viewed narrowly in the context of specific technologies, services, or products. In order to have the best defense to the current threat levels, the best starting point is to create room for flexibility. That applies to both governance and processes as well as the technological components used by your company. We never decide on a specific technology, manufacturer, or service, until we know the full extent of your reality.

Security at Danoffice IT

Generally speaking, we have two pillars in our work on security:

Security Governance

Here, our focus is on governance and process and we are in an ongoing dialogue with both management and the IT department. Among other things, the focus here is on CIS controller, CIS assessment, Security Review, NIS2, and Identity Governance. Once the basics are under control, then we can look into specific solutions andtechnologies.

Security Technology

Here, we focus on all possible components – products and services which must be adjusted to your environment and infrastructure down to the smallest detail. We are in a close dialogue with your IT department. Among other things, the focus here is on NAC, NDR, EDR, Cloud security, Azure landing zone, Firewall, Backup/Restore in cloud, hybrid environments and the datacenter, MFA and Security Baseline.


Security Is Always Evolving

The work on IT security is a continuous process without start or stop. It is important that we accept the work on security as iterative. We must constantly prepare ourselves for the next development. Security companies have worked with AI for years and have used development power to create AI for defense. However, this technology is now also available to the attackers. The power that used to only be available to large companies, is now being used by even small criminal actors. This presents a brand new perspective for all of us and it is important to revisit your contingency plan, emergency support, your components, and your culture on a regular basis.

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    Security is a competitive measure. Security and business are interconnected. Therefore, IT security becomes a part of everything we deliver, from consulting to solution.

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    We believe in dialogue. Our advice and consulting services are not limited by a silo approach. In our organization, specialists and departments collaborate, fostering mutual development.

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