Our three flexible delivery models enable you to have it, exactly the way you want it. One of the options is to have the solution - or your entire infrastructure - delivered as a managed service. We call this delivery model: Let us DO IT.

Together, we will create a service agreement with managed services from our service catalog and a Service Level that suits your specific situation. You have the option of trying some of our services for free for 30 days. Learn more about our Managed Services below.

You can also choose to get help with, for example, implementation, migration, and optimization from our consultants in Professional Services. We call this delivery model: We DO IT together. If you prefer to handle most of it yourselves, we can assist you with the delivery of hardware and licenses. This delivery model is called: DO IT yourself.

All three delivery models can naturally be combined to fit exactly to your needs and business. We will advise you all the way through your personal sales representative and Inside Sales team, as well as our specialists and dedicated teams.

DO IT Yourself    WE DO IT TOGETHER   

Managed Services

In Managed Services, we deliver stable and secure operations every single day. This is highly appreciated by our customers when they entrust us with the operation of their infrastructure. The positive results create great long-term relationships, and the words of our customers in cases and testimonials are our finest proof of what we can achieve.

Managed Services cover all our business areas and are offered both globally and locally. Based on our broad service catalogs with cloud and managed services, we can tailor an agreement specifically to your needs.

Consulting services

We believe in having a dialogue! Our advice and consulting service are not limited by an isolated silo approach. In our organization, specialists and departments collaborate, fostering mutual development.

Our Customer Engagement team is a good example of this. As specialists in our broad range of service catalogs and competencies, the team collaborates closely with our entire organization. Based on this collaboration, we provide a strong professional foundation that you can use to make the right decisions about your IT infrastructure.

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Monitoring aaS

At Danoffice IT, we have developed our own Monitoring aaS based on your known systems and best practice. In less than one hour, you can have fully operational monitoring tailored to your needs and delivered as a service. That provides peace of mind for your end-users and lowers the operations costs. You can respond swiftly to relevant warnings and obtain an overview which you can also share.

The solution is installed as an agent on your server. After that, you can monitor your operations on a pc, tablet, cell phone, or a big screen. You can also have custom dashboards which provide management and colleagues a quick overview of the operational status.

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Software Management aaS

41% of all attacks occur through infected or outdated software. Therefore, updating and maintaining software is critical for IT security. With our Software Management aaS - also known as SOFT2go - will you get access to services, tools, and competencies in automation and maintenance of software packages, including:

  • Portal: Download over 200 updated applications, packaged for installation
  • Package Tool: Reduce the time it takes to build software packages by half - and get templates for standards
  • Local Admin Service: Allow users to have local administrator rights under controlled conditions.

Personal Contact

As a customer of Danoffice IT, you will have a dedicated account manager and your own Inside Sales team because personal contact is important to us and to you. We get to know each other which makes the collaboration smooth and efficient. Specialized knowledge of your needs and demands is transferred in our value chain so you do not need to tell the same story twice.

If you have not done business with us before and thus have no point of contact, then give us a call, or send us a message.

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