At Danoffice IT, one of our absolute biggest areas of expertise is the cloud and data platform. Whether there is a need for it to be on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid thereof, we can create a set-up which is exactly how you want it. We have specialists in all fields and brands, but we do not introduce specific brands until such time, when the need and solution have been determined.

For most companies, the hybrid IT infrastructure which creates a combination of datacenters on premises and in the cloud is the predominant tendency. In this, the cloud is the key to administering and driving the combined overview. The classic datacenter on premises plays another role.

Many companies choose to keep the datacenter because they are working with so-called legacy applications. Older systems that remain critical to business, and more importantly, that are not suited for being placed in the cloud. This could either be for operational reasons or for security reasons, the latter is most often the case.

However, so many other applications do perform very well in the cloud. With the cloud, you obtain both agility and flexibility. The time elapsed from a need arising until a solution can be provided is minimized drastically. Furthermore, rather than tying liquidity to hardware and service agreements, the capacity expenditure can be included in a regular monthly operations budget.

We are happy to help you find the proper balance between cloud and an on-premises solution. As an example, we can do so by creating an analysis of your infrastructure, including a potential simulation of various scenarios. This will provide you with a better foundation for your decision before implementing large modifications to your infrastructure.

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Greener and Consumption-Billed

Today, one of the core developments is that you only pay for the IT you use and when you use it. It is a more clever and agile way to think of IT. As a result, we see a lot more companies choosing a consumption-billed datacenter.


However, the consumption-billed model is not solely tied to finances. Most companies are also amid a green adjustment. As such, the ability to flip the switch on and off is the answer to this. Therefore, we are pointing more and more customers towards a solution in which everything is billed as a cloud service. Regardless of the amount of data remaining with the company, with us or in the cloud, we can create an invoice based on consumption.  

Security in the Cloud

The cloud offers a wide array of configurable security settings. We can assist you in adjusting these settings to ensure a higher degree of control of the security for your systems, applications, users, and the devices they use. Our consultants have a substantial amount of expertise in cloud technologies and together, we will create a solution that makes sense in terms of your security requirements.

Yet, migrating and deployment of services to the cloud are not carried out as a linear process. Proper utilization of the cloud only becomes a financial and technical success if your cloud engagement is revisited on a regular basis. We help you maintain focus on security, costs, and scalability. Explore our case stories regarding the Cloud & Data Platform and benefit from our expertise in this area.

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    Security is a competitive measure. Security and business are interconnected. Therefore, IT security becomes a part of everything we deliver, from consulting to solution.

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