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From our early beginning, it has been critical for us to have a strong local presence in order to create closeness with our customers and increase the value of the results we jointly create. To further add to this philosophy, we have now opened two new international divisions, this time in Bangalore, India and in Shanghai, China.

These are two impactful markets to us, and they will now have an even stronger presence and add to improve the sustainable adaptation of our global business. Presence paves the way to allow us to make a difference. We conduct business in more than 180 countries and today, we are the leading supplier to NGO’s and IGO’s across the world. These days, our global business in the private sector is also a significant growth factor in our business and thus, the new expansion in Asia paves the way for new opportunities. However, those opportunities are not just for business, they are just as much for improvement of our contribution to a greener IT industry.

A Global Powerhouse

Lars Baun, CEO of Danoffice IT has a satisfied tone in his voice as he addresses the new locations in India and China: “The next step is important and right in line with our global strategy. We are an infrastructure powerhouse with global ambitions. We are not just focused within Denmark or within a certain region, wherefore, it seems clear that having a strong anchor point in Asia is part of our journey.


We have a unique place in the market in Denmark because we can offer everything needed for an IT infrastructure and because we have been a global company from the beginning. Now, we take the next step to strengthening that position. It is important to note that the expansion into Asia serves as the beginning as our next several moves.”

Close Customer Dialogue

The close relationships and dialogue with our customers have been a foundational element from the beginning and are rooted in our DNA. Therefore, it felt completely natural to include several of our customers before solidifying the specific locations for the two new divisions, Lars Baun explains: “Obviously, we had mapped out the locations we deemed to be ideal locations, but it has been very rewarding to be able to have a dialogue with our global customers, both in the private sector as well as the IGO and NGO customers, about how we can achieve the best results possible. We mapped out all input in the process and from there, the choices were Shanghai and Bangalore. We want to have a presence where we can create the most possible increased closeness and where we can add the most value for our customers.”

Global ESG Goals

Our efforts to make a difference and create a positive change serve as the foundation for the fact that we can now invest thoroughly in several ESG and sustainability efforts. We make changes where we can and in all parts of our value chain, including transport and shipping.

”Our expansion into Asia is a very important piece in reaching our ESG goals,” Lars Baun confirms. “Therefore, it is crucial that we make our way out there as this will reduce our CO2 print significantly and we have ambitious goals for our company which include reducing that print by 50% in 2030. Many of the components and products we use in our business are manufactured in Asia and by having a presence there, we also lower our shipping needs.”



50% Less CO2 in 2030

"Many of the components and products we use in our business are manufactured in Asia and by having a presence there, we also lower our shipping needs.”

Asia Is the Beginning

Lars Baun underlines the correlation between the global strategy and the recent consolidation of the various brands in the Danoffice IT organization: “The critical aspect is that we are now one brand which is scalable. Shanghai and Bangalore are just the first flags we will be planting. Without giving away too much, I can confirm that we will be taking more chances in the short term,” he says.  

Thereby, Lars Baun also makes it clear that the opening of the two new offices marks the fact that the journey has just begun: “We opened in Singapore in 2021 and enjoyed great success. Since Asia is an area of large expansion for us, both in the private sector and with the international IGO’s and NGO’s, our two new offices will certainly serve as a milestone for us,” Lars Baun, CEO of Danoffice IT concludes.



丹 弗 斯

Having a division in China means you have a Chinese name. The above is Danoffice IT’s Chinese name. The name consists of two parts:


  • The pronunciation of 丹 is the same as Dan and refers to Denmark


  • 弗 斯 is the transliterated version of office


Here, we see Kristian Skjærven, Vice President of Sales Global, and Alexandre Saltiel, Managing Director of Switzerland, conducting the grand opening of our office in Shanghai.

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