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We have added another link to the ambitious global strategy by bringing on the Danish IT consultancy company, Businessmann A/S*, as an additional part of Danoffice IT. Businessmann A/S is a consultancy company with 30 years of history and it is now going to be a part of strengthening and developing Danoffice IT’s position as a global powerhouse of IT infrastructure. In part, this will be done by expanding our team of consultants by their 35 specialists.

Earlier in the year, when we announced Danoffice IT’s expansion into India and China, we did advise of new acquisitions both in Denmark and on a global scale being on the horizon. Therefore, Lars Baun, CEO of Danoffice IT, is very pleased to announce that the addition of Businessmann will unlock the door to new opportunities for our organization:

”We have been looking for the right muscle power to assist us along the way on the continued journey. The ambition we have with our managed services and consulting business is in line with what Businessmann can deliver and desires,” he says and adds: “These are talented people in a strong organization and culture which dates back 30 years. Their experience and story are a powerful match.”

*) Businessmann A/S is now also known by the abbreviation BM.

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Global Ambition and Focus on Pharma

Our ambition to strengthen the skills and reach of our consulting and services business, both in Denmark and globally, brought about the addition of Businessmann to Danoffice IT.


”By adding Businessmann, we gain 35 talented specialists for our team and they will undoubtedly support the development we are currently undergoing. They bring a highly sought-after knowledge and experience from large, global, pharmaceutical companies and they have a highly specialized knowledge in that specific sector, which is a valuable addition to our portfolio. As they become a part of our organization, they will be able to maintain their focus in this specific sector going forward,” Lars Baun says.

More Resources for AI

Tobias Nawrocki, the Executive Vice President at Danoffice IT, also has great expectations for this new organization: “In addition to pharma, Businessmann has excellent skills within AI which is also an important arena for Danoffice IT. This will be an arena in which we will benefit tremendously from each other.

By adding Businessmann, our Professional Services organization will have a new Head of AI who brings along a dedicated AI development team to our organization,” he says.

Platform for Growth

As a result of the acquisition of Businessmann, a powerful number of commitments will transfer to Danoffice IT. “Overall, Businessmann has a solid business. Together, we will be able to expand even further on their pharma solutions both in Denmark and in the international market,” Lars Baun says.

”Of course, the idea is for them to keep doing what they do well already. We are making our global logistics powers available and providing a setup and expertise in export compliance which will offer a boost in the volume of this piece of the business. We have great expectations of this part of the business,” he says.

Passing the Baton

The CEO and owner of Businessmann, Henrik Lassen, has been a part of the business since its beginning in 1992. “It has been wonderful to be a part of developing Businessmann from a hardware and software supplier to being able to provide managed services in high-end IT and AI. Furthermore, it has been a great industry to work in as it is in constant flux and forward momentum,” Henrik says and adds: “Our employees are my pride and joy and have always been my focus. That has allowed us to be ready for change at any time. Businessmann is one big family.

For me, it is time to start a new journey with my family, friends, adventure, experiences, and exciting challenges. For the rest of the team, an exciting time is ahead of them filled with new developments and new talented colleagues. I am proud to pass the baton on a healthy and powerful company.”

Efficient Restructure

The new organization will see the light of day before the beginning of the summer break of 2024. At that time, all of the employees of Businessmann will move into Danoffice IT’s offices in Ballerup (see picture). The employees of both organizations will need to adapt to changes and everyone is ready to put on their work boots. 
“As always, we are properly prepared and luckily, we have a lot of experience available to rely upon. We are just excited to get started. By once again empowering our Solutions & Services, we are emphasizing our ambition as we make it clear: The journey has just begun.” Lars Baun concludes.

The new organization will see the light of day before the summer break begins in 2024 when all of the employees of Businessmann will move into Danoffice IT’s offices in Ballerup, Denmark.

BM is a specialized supplier of IT solutions and services for complex industries with specific requirements for uptime and/or regulation. One of the specialties is the development, implementation and operation of solutions that integrate with modern CI/CD processes, combined with applied AI. BM is headquartered in Glostrup in Denmark; however, their employees have a far reach into the world. BM was founded in 1992 and has 35 employees at this time.


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