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"The modern workplace is a flexible one" was one of the core messages when edgemo by Danoffice IT created the e-book Modern Workplace in 2021. This e-book addressed one of our highly specialized areas: How do we perform our work at our best? Most efficiently? And how do we get to being truly happy to be working? Today, the Danish broadcasting company, TV2 News, is focusing on the flexible work life in the private and public workplaces and the basis for this was a study which pointed out a number of challenges.

Therefore, we were particularly pleased to be invited to add our perspective in this area. And the timing could not have been better since this was a task tailored to the man at the front of our new Danoffice IT Solutions & Services, Tobias Nawrocki, EVP at Danoffice IT and formerly the CEO of Conecto. We always appreciate earning great publicity, but we are obviously even more excited when it encompasses our own perception and when the focus is placed on one of the areas in which we specialize.

Modern it-setups

Everything is very fast-paced these days. Therefore, we are also seeing more government IT organizations changing to state-of-the-art IT setups in which operation service in the infrastructure and units together with the new technology focused on the user, will create a completely new reality and enable the creation of a flexible workplace. Watch the clip here and reach out to us if you would like to know more about the modern workplace.

Link to TV 6 o'clock News

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