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At Danoffice IT, we go the extra mile to protect our Microsoft customers. We actually provide free Microsoft Premier Support on the products we supply. We provide this support to ensure that you are as secure as possible when you are one of our customers. If something goes awry, only the best is good enough.

We meet several people here at Danoffice IT who are not provided a big enough budget by their management to ensure optimal operations and when things go wrong, you feel the impact. After something like that, management typically changes its mindset when it comes to dedicating resources to protect operations. This is one of the places in which Microsoft Premier Support can make a difference. This is because this support ensures a direct connection between edgemo’s customers and Microsoft. 24/7!

You can learn more about the contents and effect of Microsoft Premier Support below. However, to give you a quick overview, here are the most significant free benefits for Danoffice IT customers:

  • 24/7 acces to Microsoft Premier Support
  • Protects Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure
  • You can create your own support tickets with Microsoft (a feature normally reserved for suppliers)
  • A dedicated Microsoft employee is tasked with resolving your issue directly between you and Microsoft
  • Improved SLA: 1 hour for critical issues (normally 4 hours) and 2 hours for other issues (normally 6 hours)

New standards

According to Jimmy Wolfhagen, Cloud License Specialist at Danoffice IT, we are talking about levelling up: “In this instance, we are talking 24/7 access to Microsoft Premier Support which is significantly above the standard,” he says and continues: “It is also pretty extraordinary that you have a dedicated Microsoft Partner Manager who is employed by Microsoft to resolve the issues directly between the customer and Microsoft.”

It is also about the opportunity to be proactive when it comes to support. With this, the customer can bypass its supplier and create a support ticket directly with Microsoft. In all other respects, that is a feature reserved for suppliers.

“Another core value for the customer is that when you are working with Premier Support, the SLA (Service Level Agreement) is significantly better. We are talking one hour for critical issues and two hours for other issues. For standard support, this would be four and six hours respectively. When disaster happens, time is most certainly money, wherefore, this is a crucial improvement,” Jimmy Wolfhagen says.

Insurance to cover critical resources

At Danoffice IT, we have had witnessed first hand on several occasions what happens when companies are the victims of cyber-attacks – without having the necessary and critical resources in place. This includes access to proper support. Therefore, if you ask Jimmy Wolfhagen, we should view Microsoft Premier Support as a form of insurance policy: Microsoft keeps it available as a supplement to critical resources and we pass that on to our customers.”

”In the end, it is all about protecting your data the best way possible. For example, when you move things into the cloud, you are usually dealing with critical infrastructure. In those instances, it is critical to ensure that you are back up and running as quickly as possible if disaster strikes. Having this support allows you to know you are a bit more protected. Premier Support is provided for Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure.”

The access to the highest level of support is essential to ensure optimal operations of a company. When it comes down to it, people really want to deal with support as little as possible since that means smooth sailing! “It is an invisible security that you would rather not need. However, having it be there in the background is important. No matter how well prepared you are, this service will make a difference,” Jimmy Wolfhagen concludes.

Certified security

In 2022, Microsoft introduced a new partner program which makes it easier for you to see what we can provide as your supplier. The program includes the new Solutions Partner Designations and at edgemo, we are proud to show off four of these. Of the four, the Security designation naturally serves us across the board and is crucial.

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