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Just one year after we were awarded three stars in HP’s Amplify Impact Partner Program, we proudly now add another star. As one of just two 4-Star HP Partners in Denmark, we are taking the lead in the work to create greener IT and a greener industry for the benefit of the environment and our customers.

The work is part of an overall effort in which we, as a global company, will continue to increase the efforts to act in a meaningful, responsible, and sustainable manner.  

We make changes where we can. Working to adjust and increase the development towards a greener IT industry requires dedication. Since the beginning of Danoffice IT, it has been at the center of our DNA to work to create a positive change. We know we are making a difference to our customers all over the world – and undoubtedly also in the hotspots of the world. Today, we have dedicated resources on ESG and a very broad palette of efforts in our work to improve sustainability. We constantly increase our awareness and footprint both when it comes to social responsibility as well as environment and climate and at the center of this equation is our work with the HP Amplify Impact Program.


Joint Efforts

”HP has made its mark and has truly pushed for and taken the lead in the development. Therefore, today, they are considered one of the most sustainable IT companies in the world and among other things, they can be found on the Corporate Knights’ Global 100 list of the most sustainable companies in the world.

As such, we are of course thrilled that becoming an Amplify Impact Partner allows us to have access to the vast amount of knowledge and experience available in their combined Sustainable Impact-strategy as this can truly make a difference to our customers,” Henriette Normann-Ekegren, ESG Manager at Danoffice IT, says and adds: 

“The Amplify Impact Program offers extensive education which allows us to best guide our customers in the greener solutions. Our newly won 4-star status merely solidifies how much we put into this effort, and we are proud of that.”

Greener Solutions

There are several reasons why we are being awarded our new partner status now, Henriette Normann-Ekegren explains: “First and foremost, sustainability is becoming more and more present in our entire organization. Therefore, we are also seeing an increase in customers placing focus on sustainability – an increase in cases in which our customers are seeking specific guidance. This is of great importance to us because change is created through unity”.

An Extra Effort

As with all forms of certification in the IT industry, education and training are required. This is also the case for the four Amplify Impact stars. We have completed training courses regarding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and DE&I. These are very important areas which we are already focused on and which we appreciate being updated on even further – which is a benefit to our customers all over the world.

However, we take it one step further, Henriette Normann-Ekegren explains: “We have a strong collaboration with HP in their Planet Partner Program in which we help to reuse used HP printer cartridges to our joint HP customers. In fact, this collaboration goes all the way back to 2009, but today, this is more relevant than ever and continues to be optimized to ensure it matches the current situation.

By adding HP Amplify Impact we see the results of our work being amplified. We have global efforts in Social Impact. We are among the very few who have specific efforts related to our transport and courier services. And now, we can focus our efforts with HP on creating a greener way of thinking about units and hardware”, Henriette Normann-Ekegren concludes.

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