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It is finally a reality! The authorities have approved Danoffice IT’s acquisition of Conecto A/S. This is a piece of news which ITWatch was quick to snatch up. As such, here, you can read about the great vision for our unified company as explained by CEO, Lars Baun Jensen, and Tobias Nawrocki, formerly the CEO of Conecto. UNITY is the common thread as we will all be unified as one combined Danoffice IT.

Consolidation of brands: in the article, Lars Baun Jensen unveils the big news that all the brands in Danoffice IT, namely edgemo, edgemo green, and Conecto, are being consolidated under one strong unified brand: Danoffice IT.

The new unified company puts Danoffice IT at the top and among the most specialized companies both in Denmark and abroad. “Bringing Conecto onboard gives us the optimal balance in the various segments of our business, and this is crucial to our strategic goal,” Lars Baun Jensen explains, and Tobias Nawrocki adds to this by saying: “Our ambition is to create a POWERHOUSE related to every aspect of IT infrastructure – both in the Danish market and abroad.”


When interviewed by ITWatch, Lars Baun Jensen states: “Our ambition in Danoffice IT is to become a powerhouse in IT infrastructure. We felt that we needed to balance out some of the segments of our business, however, with the acquisition of Conecto, we stand ready to differentiate ourselves in the market as the Danish player with international ambitions”.  

India and China Awaits

Lars and Tobias unveil how our global efforts will be magnified going forward. Currently, we have satellite offices in USA, Singapore, and Switzerland – however, we are now expanding with not just one, but two new locations: India and China. This will improve our position in these markets significantly and improve the proximity to our clients, which is an essential prerequisite to achieving our strategic goal.

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Conecto is a leading services and consultant company with a keen focus on delivering meaningful IT solutions designed to change and improve the everyday life of employees in small and large corporations as well as government entities and institutions in Denmark and abroad.

Conecto is headquartered in Søborg and has an office in Aarhus. Conecto has approximately 60 employees.

You can learn more at conecto.dk

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Agilitas is a pan-European mid-market private equity firm. The company invests in sustainable companies of high quality with significant opportunity for growth which creates long-term value through a business transformation. Agilitas has a cautious sector-focused approach to investing and a strong history of dramatically transforming and growing companies. Agilitas is extremely discerning in their selection of companies which must serve the betterment of people and the planet.

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