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The Annual Accounting for 2023 was just released. This accounting demonstrates a continued path of growth and progress for Danoffice IT. This was an eventful year during which the acquisition of Conecto A/S and the additional global expansion serve as great milestones.

As such, it was also a year of big investments for our organization which affect the bottom line and tell a story of solid revenue growth and a staff of more than 310 talented employees working in eight locations spread across six countries.

Following the acquisition of Conecto in 2023 and the subsequent consolidation of all brands in the Danoffice IT organization, the unified brand operating under one name is now positioned particularly well. “We are distinguished by a comprehensive palette of skills and services, embracing IT infrastructure in a broad perspective, and our ambitions are high, both nationally and globally”, Lars Baun, CEO of Danoffice IT states.

2023 also served as the year during which Danoffice IT strengthened its presence in two large markets by adding the branches in Shanghai, China, and Bangalore, India. “This expansion clearly marks our global ambitions. Since the beginning, we have been a global company, but having a physical presence in strategically important markets allows us to further define our position as an infrastructure powerhouse with a global outlook,” Lars Baun adds.

Link to the Annual Report

Revenue Growth and Heavy Investments

500 million DKK. That is how much the first line item in the annual accounting increased in relation to the accounting for 2022. This is a noteworthy difference which must furthermore be viewed in the light of a year which contained consolidation of brands, a new ERP system, global expansions, and the acquisition of Conecto which are undoubtedly all big line items. With that in mind, as a company, we are very pleased with just a minor setback on the bottom line:


“Doing business with such an ambitious global strategy will require investments,” Lars Baun Jensen explains. “The year 2023 brought about a number of large one-time costs which have put us in a position to reap the benefit of numerous synergies laying before us. This is all a part of our overall strategy, and we expect positive growth in both the short and long term”.

Responsible Business

We have made substantial overall investments in doing business responsibly while contributing to a more sustainable IT industry. Our ambition with our dedicated ESG efforts is to lead the way on behalf of our customers, the industry, and the environment. The year 2023 was a year marked by several new ESG efforts in our organization.

Among other efforts in 2023, we launched a partnership with an independent solar power start-up as part of our journey towards a 50% reduction of our CO2 emissions in 2030. Through this partnership, 50% of all the electricity used in our organization stems from these solar cells,” Lars Baun explains, and adds: “In our global logistics, we were also able to enter into agreements with UPS and the Danish PostNord which will further reduce our overall imprint.”

Lars Baun also states that goals have now been set with regards to our green progress. “We have initiatives on environment, on climate and social impact in our organization, and as a strong guideline we have now presented and agreed on five very ambitious 2030 ESG goals. Goals focusing on our CO2 emissions, on sustainable technology, on inclusion and equality, on anti-corruption and on transparent management”.


learn more about our ESG efforts

A New Future

The vast reinforcement and reorganization of the consultants which occurred after Conecto A/S came on board was also a manifestation of a new beginning with a high level of specialization, and the broadest spectrum possible.

“The future is looking bright, and we are ready to take action. We see ourselves as one of very few Danish acts with direct global ambitions, and we are already actively looking at more expansions in strategic markets. Thus, in a very near future we will engage on a new growth plan which will determine an all-new future for us, both nationally and globally”, Lars Baun concludes.

"We are setting sail and in a very near future we will engage on a new growth plan which will determine an all-new future for us."

- Lars Baun, CEO of Danoffice IT

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