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At Danoffice IT, edgemo and edgemo green we conduct business in more than 182 countries. When you combine it all, it turns into thousands of shipments worldwide each year. Naturally, our focus on sustainability demands that we take action in this area. Together with DHL, we now have 10,000 really good reasons to take action. This is because we have nearly 10,000 DHL shipments each year and going forward, each one of these will be carbon neutral by way of DHL Express GoGreen.

Any action has an impact. The environment and the climate are suffering from heavy impact. We have a desire and feel an obligation to contribute to the sustainable adjustment, something which is also clear in our COP report. Because of this, we are pleased to announce the transition to DHL Express’ GoGreen solution with which our shipments are sent as best possible without any carbon emissions. To add to that, on any parts of the transport that cannot reduce the carbon emissions completely, DHL will compensate for the emission, our ESG Manager Henriette Normann-Ekegren explains: "Because we purposely have based our business strategies on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we constantly keep an eye on where we can create a positive adjustment in relation to sustainability. DHL’s solution is the ideal solution. It is most certainly an investment, but by investing in DHL’s GoGreen program, we are helping to support DHL’s further development in transportation sustainability which in the end will also benefit us,” Henriette explains.

Server sent by bicycle?

This can very well become a reality since DHL is developing and investing in sustainable modes of transportation. Back in 2020, DHL had 27,000 bicycles and 13,500 electrical vehicles. This is a number which is increasing steadily each year. In addition to that, in 2022, 83% of DHL’s overall electricity consumption has been made up of green power. ”Our focus on sustainability is across the board, but naturally, we are placing a hard focus on our logistics which is a core aspect in our business. This is the key to reaching the hot spots of the world, but to the extent possible, this should not have a negative impact on the environment.” Henriette explains.

A good match for the green goal

We need to bring down the negative impact on the environment, and we have a great focus on reducing the carbon emissions from our freight of goods. “This is well supported by DHL’s focus on investing in sustainable solutions and this will play a substantial role in the overall picture for us” Head of Logistics at Danoffice IT, Claus Aagaard, explains. “There is an alignment in our goals in that DHL in 2025 expects to bring its emission down by 50% while a full 70% of their so-called first mile- og last mile solution must be completely free of carbon emissions. 70% of all pick-ups and deliveries in a massive corporation such as DHL is truly an ambitious goal and as a customer, this provides us reassurance in our decision” Claus says.

Henriette adds to this and says: ”When we have activities in pretty much all countries in the world combined with transportation to parts of the world that are difficult to get to and unsafe to travel in, it is clear that we need to work with more than one currier. However, with this agreement with DHL, we are making great strides forward towards our goal at both Danoffice IT, edgemo and edgemo green. And we look forward to being able to enter into similar agreements with other logistics partners in the future.” Henriette Normann-Ekegren, ESG Manager, concludes.

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