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Propriety, awareness, and responsibility: Being a global IT supplier, we deliver at the highest level – to the highest level. We reach the focal points of the world by trading with the world’s largest and leading charity organizations. It is therefore with great humility and pride that we accept Dell Technologies’ 2022 Award as EMEA Partner of the Year for Social Impact. Impact is about making a difference and creating results. We are met with high demands – and we make high demands on ourselves, too. Therefore, we can only succeed through good relations, cooperations, and partnerships – and this is indeed the case with our global engagement with Dell Technologies.

In Danoffice IT we have a strong and long-running partnership with Dell Technologies, and concurrently with that we continuously invest in operating responsibly and sustainably. Also, this is where Danoffice IT and Dell Technologies share common ground. In Danoffice IT we work in line with UN’s Global Goals, and since 2007 we have committed ourselves to be a part of the UN’s Global Compact. In addition, and as a part of our work on social sustainability, we are ISO-certified on Anti-Corruption. Alongside our successful business commitments with Dell Technologies, these fields of action have been instrumental in us receiving this award.

“Danoffice IT is a member of "The Global Compact" which is a very exclusive membership in the world’s largest sustainability and citizenship initiative, driven by the United Nations. They focus on human rights, Anti-Corruption, labor and environment which is in line with Dell Technologies’ 2030 Social Impact goals as well. The thing that really differentiates Danoffice IT from most partners is that this is part of their DNA, their business strategy is largely based on CSR. They provide an open COP report every year and has achieved great goals together with us aligned. Dell Technologies and Danoffice IT has worked closely together over many years and together we have achieved numerous large IT contract wins with global humanitarian organisations. Danoffice IT is a very focused partner in this area”.

Trine Brinks Jedig Busk, Global Partner Manager, United Nations, Dell Technologies

Together where help is needed

Henriette Normann-Ekegren is responsible for Danoffice IT’s work on CSR and ESG. She explains that this award is accepted with enthusiasm throughout the Danoffice IT organization. Also, the common grounds with Dell Technologies is highly appreciated:

“We share more than just a good partnership with Dell Technologies. Together we contribute to make a difference and create positive change in areas of the world, where help is needed. As with ourselves, Dell Technologies too are focusing on acting responsibly in the world. We are therefore very happy to receive this award."
Henriette Normann-Ekegren, CSR/ESG Manager, Danoffice IT.

Making a difference, socially

Measuring parameters such as Social Impact may seem intangible to many. However, through cooperation it can be made very concrete. “We deliver technology to the world’s leading charity food programmes and that way we can jointly contribute to fend off food crises in, for example, Yemen. There is an urgent need for food supplies, and technology is critically needed to register citizens when delivering the food, so that the supplies do not make their way to the black markets. This is an example where social impact is very tangible”, says Henriette Normann-Ekegren.

Trine Brinks Jedig Busk, Global Partner Manager, United Nations at Dell Technologies, concludes: “As with Dell Technoloies and Danoffice IT, the majority of charity organizations also focus on CSR, so together we can create great results. We have worked together closely for many years, and there is a very meaningful link between our respective CSR-strategies and goals. Therefore, the 2022 Social Impact Award has been given to them.”.

From everyone in the Danoffice IT organization we would like to sincerely thank Dell Technologies for this award.