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For more than two decades, we, at Danoffice IT, have specialized in making a difference in the world. We have a global outlook and right from the beginning, we have worked in the world’s hotspots with the world’s leading charitable organizations. We have been in places where crisis is the norm, and unrest and corruption are part of everyday life.

In those situations, it is no longer about IT, it is about people. There, you cannot succeed alone which puts large requirements on a great collaboration and cultural insight. Our global collaboration with Dell Technologies, which has been ongoing for years, is the perfect example of this.

The global partnership between Danoffice IT and Dell Technologies is a story of great collaboration, honesty, and loyalty, but also about something far more profound than that. It goes beyond and includes other elements than IT and global logistics. We are looking at much more basic issues: Do we understand each other? Can we communicate? It sounds basic, but when this unfolds on a daily basis, the distances become enormous. Both physically and culturally.

Communication is Key

Per Andersen, Key Account Manager at Danoffice IT, has a global place of employment and has done business with Dell Technologies for many years. According to him, a special trinity is created between Danoffice IT, Dell Technologies, and the customer. “It is about cultural differences and the willingness to collaborate. The glue that holds all of this together is communication, communication, and communication,” he says and continues: “At Danoffice IT, we are dependent on our collaboration with Dell Technologies’ individual local offices and thus, we are dependent on remaining loyal to each other. When this needs to occur across enormous geographical and cultural differences, you have to put in effort.”

Trine Brinks Jedig Busk is the Global Partner Manager for the United Nations partners at Dell, so she knows the collaboration well. “Our ambition in Dell Technologies is to become even more agile in our collaboration with global partners. We have a great collaboration across countries that often have a very complex infrastructure, war, and unrest. However, we manage to create strong connections between Danoffice IT, Dell Technologies and then our respective local offices”.

Trine agrees that it requires effort to work in various cultures. It requires investment and the ability to adjust. “When it comes to the actual specific collaboration and our connections in many places in the world, we are back to basics. The hardest part is actually getting people to communicate so often times, we are starting at the initial level and this is where Per has always been incredibly talented,” she says. “My work often consists of connecting people with one another. Regardless of whether people have spoken with each other before, the personal contact comes first. Therefore, often times, I am calling around, writing to various people, or pinging people”.

Collaboration in Constant Expansion

But how did Danoffice IT from a small country like Denmark end up doing business globally with a leading IT manufacturer like Dell Technologies? Per Andersen indicates: ”At Danoffice IT, we have spent more than two decades creating a completely unique logistics platform which defines who we are and what we can do, to a great extent. The things we are able to do, are possible because we are also a logistics partners. We know how to get the products out to the entire world.

Technically speaking, we are an IT company, but we also have a logistics function which very few in the world have. We also deliver full support to all countries. This also applies to Dell Technologies.” Per explains.

Trine Brinks Jedig Busk adds to this and explains that unfortunately, dealing in IT infrastructure in the world’s hotspots is often tainted by a high level of corruption and uncertainty. “These factors have contributed to allowing the world’s leading Humanitarian organizations to go into global tenders which created a platform for global commerce. ”We win these tenders together with our specialized partners by supporting the process and collaboration cross borders”. Therefore, through them, we can reach the organizations,” she says.

Local Anchoring, Global Success

In Jordan, we find one of Per Andersen’s most important collaboration partners in Dell Technologies; Samer Fakhoury, Sr. Account Manager, Jordan for Dell Technologies. He was there when Danoffice was awarded the new global contract. “In the Levant Region, a part of the EMEA region we had never had a cross border collaboration like this before. So, in that perspective our new contract with Danoffice IT was very different from what we had done before”, says Samer Fakhoury, Sr. Account Manager, Jordan for Dell Technologies. ”For the past 17 years our clients have been used to trading locally. But within the Corona Pandemic and because increasing poverty and a need to be able to work from home, they needed to expand and think in new ways. They therefore introduced this new tender as an international bid. Danoffice IT won this one”.

Samer remembers when he first witnessed Danoffice IT in action. “Everyone was surprised. Danoffice IT could deliver better, cheaper, and safer than the local suppliers”, he says. “It really was a big surprise.


But logistics is one thing, finances also must be in balance: “When we first got a look at their finances, we were surprised again. They were very reasonable – also with their local support services. Performance-wise they delivered on time. Even during COVID where there was a shortage of devices and great delays globally. Not only on time, but even better, plus their knowhow was just substantial”.

Ditte-Marie remembers the issue during the pandemic and stresses that both sides undoubtedly went the extra mile. “Everyone became busy creating home offices and this was also the case for the world’s largest charitable organizations. We have one large global customer which was being heavily challenged. Dell Technologies put in ALL efforts to prioritize the orders to ensure the customer could get the critical portions of the operation up and running. Dell delivered so quickly and on time despite many great challenges,” she says and adds:


“Dell Technologies has people who handhold these things all the way through, they truly delivered even when others could not. Because our customers often times are located in critical or crisis situations, this is about more than just IT for them. Those we meet at Dell Technologies, they are willing to go the extra mile.”

Not One (Business) May Leave the Country!

Per also explains that respect and loyalty are considered necessities in Danoffice IT’s approach to doing business globally, whether it is in Jordan, Italy, Switzerland, or Nairobi. “We create a collaboration with the individual local office,” Per Anderson explains. “We do not take the business from the local Dell representative, but we provide support instead and the business remains where it is. It all comes back to our logistics. We have the ability to manage this type of task, both globally and locally as well. No matter the location, we handle it all with the same level of service. This way, Danoffice IT serves the role of provider and partner”, Per clarifies.

Samer agrees with Per that the “hyper local” strategy is important: “Initially it was actually seen as a threat by many of us. Myself included. Everyone thought that the business would disappear out of our hands – out of the region. But then Danoffice IT was introduced, and they have the logistic insights to operate globally and still keep the business contracts local. They have multiple global contracts with large Humanitarian organizations worldwide doing this”.

Trust and Cultural Understanding

According to Per Andersen, Danoffice IT takes it a step further. “We visit Dell Technologies in their local offices. As a company, we study the culture in the various countries. There is a massive difference in working with Dell Denmark and Dell Technologies in Jordan. There is a completely different way to follow up on things and other procedures,” he says and elaborates: “This cultural understanding, we have developed through many years of historic data in the field. We are also constantly kept refreshed because we physically go there on an ongoing basis. We sit down and try to understand their challenges. Each country has their own.” Samer from Dell Technologies adds to this: “Our large clients in this area took notice. So they started investing even more in it simply because of our collaborations with Danoffice IT. Our clients benefit from Danoffice IT’s cultural knowhow to build relations. Things run smoothly – small obstacles are dealt with”.

No Coincidence

How did an IT company from a small country in the north become a large, global supplier of IT to the world’s leading Humanitarian organizations. Trine Brinks Jedig Busk says that: ”Denmark has become a small hub for this type of activity. But this business has become very important. The fact that some of the largest partners within this market are Danish is not a coincidence” she says and continues: “Danoffice IT has spent more than twenty years becoming specialists within this field. This along with Denmark’s reputation as a country with very little corruption and a high level of efficiency and stability, meant things were able to develop in this direction.” Trine further explains that this certainly is also founded on a great level of merchantmanship. “In addition to that, Danoffice IT are very talented when it comes to complex competencies. Simply put, we manage to collaborate together cross borders and service the world’s emergency zones and fields of humanitarian operations with the offset in Denmark. Because of this, Danoffice IT is also a so-called Value Added Reseller. They handle export, government authorizations, embargoes, and so much more – they are very strong in this area. It is safe to say that the collaboration has been a success through many years.”

Her colleague in Dell Technologies Jordan, Samer, agrees: “Nobody would have guessed that a company from a small country up north can do all this in third world countries. This is a very successful partnership that proves that the world is a small world. The borders are only on the map. We see this when Per and Trine are here on the west bank meeting with us. We work so close and yet so remote. It is a small world at the end of the day”.

More than IT

Making a difference is deeply anchored in Danoffice IT’s DNA – and business strategies. This includes the humanitarian perspectives. This is a perspective shared by our collaboration partners in Dell Technologies.

Samer adds: “Our customers are taking care of refugees. Of food supplies and medicine. So, this is a big part of what we do together. In these cases, Dell Technologies’ cores business is to help people and with Danoffice IT we deal with this in a socially responsible way. We give the clients added values and good prices. Danoffice IT gives them very good prices. Money is not everything, but it is a very efficient way to help these organizations”.

”We are in this to run a business, but the foundation is built on the humanitarian aspect.” Per Andersen explains in speaking on the work with the international humanitarian organizations, IGO’s, and NGO’s. “For many years, Dell Technologies has been committed to the humanitarian organizations so we have a lot in common and our collaboration has shown that as well. Both parties want to do this”, concludes Per Andersen, Key Account Manager, Danoffice IT.

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