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AI (Artificial Intelligence) combines the best of people and machines to reduce errors and mistakes. AI brings many opportunities to solve everyday challenges - but many companies do not know how to implement AI in their business functions. 

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One way is to implement AI by using byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services - a collection of AI models, designed to optimize the needs of Industry 4.0.

At Danoffice IT we want to share our and our partners' expertise knowledge. We therefore host a webinar about AI in collaboration with Lenovo and byteLAKE in which we try to remove the complexity and make AI more understandable, for you to better see the functionality of AI in your business. 

Learn how you can increase efficiency and have results in minutes instead of hours with AI and Depp Learning solutions for complex engineering simulations, like CFD.
Also, get greater knowledge on how AI-assisted visual inspection in the paper industry and manufacturing helps automate quality inspection, eliminate common mistakes and eventually avoid product recalls and expensive downtimes. Enhanced with Big Data / IoT sensors where data analytics becomes a foundation for predictive maintenance which further optimizes overall operations and helps efficiently manage bottlenecks.

The webinar is focused on AI for chemical, paper and manufacturing industries

  • 1 pm

    Martin R. Schjørring
    Senior Account Manager hos Danoffice IT

    Jacob Zeiler
    Channel Sales Specialist hos Lenovo ISG

  • 1:05 pm

    EMEA AI Leads & Solutions Architect hos Lenovo ISG

  • Case study, product

    1:15 pm

    Mariusz Kolanko
    Co Founder af byteLAKE

  • Accelerating CFD (Fluid Dynamics) simulations (case study, product)

    1:30 pm

    Marcin Rojek
    Co Founder af byteLAKE

  • 1:45 pm

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