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In 2022, nearly every other PC sold in Denmark was a Lenovo PC. An achievement like that puts some pressure on the boring old faithful as Lenovo’s Danish Director, Peter Juul Jørgensen, calls it* - and we are not just talking design, functionality, and performance. Let's talk about it over a virtual cup of coffee at our annual Lenovo Think webinar.

The webinar will be conducted in Danish, however, it will also be recorded in English.
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We have invited Flemming Märtens, Senior Product Manager in Lenovo Think. Flemming is backed up by Tina Rasmussen, who is an Inside Sales Manager at Danoffice IT and who has been a fan of Lenovo for many years. Tina has volunteered to be the moderator and will help with the intro and questions.

In 2022, Lenovo introduced both the ThinkPad Z series and the X13s along with several updated models. This will not be the case this year. There is not a big update in store for us. As we write this, everything is still very hush-hush as the new products are to have staggered launches throughout spring. We did manage to dig up some intel that reveals that something is happening with X13 and X13 Yoga.

However, the PC development is more than design, functionality, and performance. The top issue on most people’s agendas in 2023 will be security, including endpoint security. Sustainability is also becoming more of a point of conversation, especially in light of EU’s reporting requirement starting in 2024. Flemming sheds light on both issues and explains how Lenovo can support us with our demanding tasks.

*) From the ITWatch article: "Lenovo consumes market shares despite dropping pc-sales" (March 6, 2023)


Lenovo has ambitious goals between now and 2025 at which point all PC’s must include portions of post-consumer materials and 90% of the packaging must be recycled. This year alone brings about a number of changes:

The packaging for all models must not contain plastic

Components such as batteries, charges, speakers, and keyboards must have a higher content of recycled plastic than they do currently

New methods of reducing energy consumption during manufacturing are implemented

Endpoint Security

More money is paid to criminals than ever before and cyber crimes are now third biggest industry only surpassed by USA and China. Here in Denmark, the threat level for Danish companies’ IT has increased considerably these past couple of years. We spend an enormous amount of resources on both action and documentation so we appreciate all the help we can get from the manufacturers of our devices.

Flemming explains which measures Lenovo has implemented to help us heighten our endpoint security founded on the ThinkShield. At edgemo, we are hoping to hear more about the efforts made in BIOS security and about the relatively new concept Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT).

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