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THE EVENT ALREADY TOOK PLACE. IT security has become a critical aspect of running a business. We are seeing that upper management and board of directors are taking ownership like never before. This shift is resulting in (additional) strict requirements for the security solutions we roll out in the IT departments. At this webinar, we invite you to meet the cool canine, our partner in Security Operations Solutions: Arctic Wolf.

Security. Security. Security – and preferably all the way around and 24/7. A good defense system cannot manage it on its own. The same applies to proper preparedness. And finally, if you do not have a clear overview, none of it can become reality. Therefore, it makes sense that we are seeing the modern security solutions having a broader spectrum. As a result, we have chosen the All-Inclusive option with Arctic Wolf. Their next generation security operations center solutions encompass all elements: system, preparedness and monitoring.

Pour yourself a nice cup of security coffee and enjoy it with us while you gain insight into new possibilities and a peak at tomorrow’s security solutions. Your hosts are own Head of Security, Jesper Frederiksen and Sales Engineering Director at Arctic Wolf, Petter Glenstrup who will provide you with 45 well-spent minutes of focus on secure IT and effective action.

Can anyone join? Yes, just like us, Arctic Wolf spans the entire infrastructure, and they are not proprietary. All systems and platform can participate.

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