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There is an increased pressure on companies and organizations to contribute to the efforts involved in creating a more cohesive and sustainable world and IT is a relevant piece of the puzzle. Therefore, you are invited to our webinar, "Dell Delivers 2024", during which Dell Technologies will share with you how their PCs can strengthen your business making it more efficient and sustainable.  

Join us online on May 2 at 2:00-2:45 pm, when we will gain a greater insight into how Dell Technologies are incorporating AI and a greener approach into their PC portfolio. Specifically, you will learn more about:

  • The latest AI innovations from Dell Technologies and how these can help improve the efficiency in your operation. 
  • Strategies for developing and quantifying sustainable development goals.
  • The requirements for the IT security platform are changing rapidly. How can Dell Technologies help you improve the integrity of your laptop platform?

If you do not have the ability to attend on the day of the webinar, we still invite you to sign up so you will receive a link for both the English and the Danish recording of the webinar.

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Empower Your Organization

During this webinar, Morten Humlum, Product Specialist at Dell Technologies, will dive into the transformative potential of AI, specifically tailored to optimize the processes of your operation, foster collaboration, and promote sustainable development goals. You will gain invaluable insights into how AI can empower your organization to meet their goals more efficiently on a global scale.

A Green Focus

Did you know that castor beans and tall oil are naturally replenishing alternatives to plastic?

Dell Technologies uses knowledge like this to actively achieve sustainable goals. One of the goals that has been met is for all packaging for commercial PCs to be 100% made from recycled or recyclable materials.

Dell PCs generally contain an increasing amount of recycled materials. That's why, Dell has collected over 443,000 pounds of plastic from the oceans and repurposed it for their packaging and products.

Meet the Moderator

Our own Morten Risgaard will provide you with a wonderful introduction and manage questions during the webinar.

When Morten is not in front of the camera hosting our webinar, he is Head of Global Sales UN & NGO. Dell Technologies plays a key role in this arena for Danoffice IT and Morten is therefore very aware of Dell's products as well as the needs and wants of the users. 

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