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Save the date in your calendar: Danoffice IT, CSIT and Imprivata are thrilled to invite you to the 7th. Nordic Imprivata User Group, which for the first time will be held in Helsinki, Finland at Maria 01. 

In 2016, the former Maria Hospital was renovated and became a business incubator campus co-managed by the City of Helsinki. So, Maria 01 will be the perfect venue for our yearly get-together. As usual we will be a large group of Imprivata customers from various verticals together with technology experts and industry consultants. We will be getting together and sharing updates from Imprivata, learning from each other's experiences, inspiring one another with how we use Imprivata to enhance workflows and user security. 


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When & Where

Date: 10th - 11th of October 2024
Location: Maria 01, Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00180, Helsinki, Finland. 
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Dinner location: To be announced


Suggested hotel: Scandic Hotel Simonkenttä


Participation on the event is free of charge. Danoffice IT, CSIT and Imprivata host the event including food and refreshments during the event (lunch and coffee breaks) and the hosted dinner on day 1. Flights,  hotel and transportation to the location are at the participants own expense. If you choose the suggested hotel, we can share a discount code.  

Break-out sessions with tracks

This year, we will try something new with different tracks that participants can attend based on their interests. The reason is that we are a larger group now, and we are trying to keep the content as interesting as possible, whether you are devoted to technical stuff or more business workshops. 


We have curated an engaging agenda featuring insightful topics and guest speakers for this year's user group. So dive into the agenda and pick your favorite tracks! Below the agenda you will find at description of the various break-out sessions. 


See Break-out sessions

Agenda Day 1



Coffee & registration
Get energized with coffee while preparing for an exciting day ahead 


Welcome to the event - Peik & Anette

Roundtable introductions
Brief introduction -  1 person per organization

10:45 Break-out sessions 1  

Track A: Customer Introduction Malmö stad

Track B: Analytics, Data, and How to Crunch Them, Imprivata


Lunch break

Take a well-deserved break and savor a delicious lunch while networking with fellow participants. This is an excellent time to discuss the morning's sessions and share insights.

12:15 Break-out sessions 2:  

Track A: Customer Introduction 2 - Coop

Track B: How to Work with ConfirmID

13:00 Break-out sessions 3:  

Track A: Benefits of Digitalization & Impact on the Users

Track B: PAM - How to Automate Policies and Integrate Custom Scripts 

13:45 Coffee break & Networking  
14:30 Break-out sessions 4:  

Track A: Customer Introduction 3 - Client from Finland

Track B: Creating Business Cases & Estimating Value

15:15 How to Interact with the Users

Daniel fra Imprivata will focus on user interaction strategies. He will share best practices for engaging with users, gathering feedback, and ensuring successful adoption of Imprivata solutions. This session will be beneficial for both technical and non-technical attendees.

16:00 Competition in Imprivata Knowledge & Day 1 Closing Remarks

Testing your knowledge of Imprivata and our customers. Be prepared and study! We will have prizes ready for the top three contestants. This fun and interactive session will both challenge your knowledge and provide a great opportunity for learning.

Hosted Dinner Event

Join us for an enchanting evening of networking and further discussions over a delightful, hosted dinner. Take this opportunity to connect with industry experts and forge valuable connections. There is even the possibility for sauna, since we are in Finland.


Agenda Day 2



Welcome Back!
We will start the second day with a brief recap of the highlights from the previous day, ensuring everyone is aligned and ready for the day's agenda.


Empowering Mobile Technology, Devices and MDM systems
Best Practices and Success Stories – The mobile platform is the new black, but we do see that it’s not completely enterprise-ready yet. Join us in a session where we will share our dos and don’ts. Experts will discuss the latest trends in mobile technology, mobile device management (MDM) systems, and how to overcome common challenges in enterprise environments.
10:00 How to Work with Management, Get Acceptance, Budget and Approval of Projects
Anette Falkenroth will share strategies for effectively communicating with management, gaining project acceptance, securing budgets, and obtaining necessary approvals. This session is essential for anyone looking to drive digital transformation within their organization.
10:45 Short Coffee Brack & Time to Think About What You Are Taking Home
11:00 Roundtable: What Are You Taking Home from Our Shared Time?
12:00 Closing Remarks and Q&A Conclude the user group on a high note with closing remarks by Peik and Anette Falkenroth. Take this opportunity to ask any remaining questions, provide feedback, and reflect on the valuable connections and knowledge gained during our time together.

Session 1

Track A: Customer Introduction 1 - Malmö Stad
Shared mobile devices with home and elderly care. Jens will discuss the unique challenges and benefits of deploying shared mobile devices in a municipal care setting. 
- Jens Klemmentson, Malmö Stad


Track B: Analytics, Data, and How to Crunch Them
This session will cover the use of analytics and data within Imprivata solutions. Participants will learn how to collect, analyze, and utilize data to drive decision-making and improve security and efficiency.
- Imprivata

Session 2

Track A: Customer Introduction 2 - Coop
Thin client with Stratodesk, Citrix, and Imprivata, with a touch of mobile. A representative from Coop will explain how they integrated multiple technologies to streamline their operations and enhance security.
- Coop


Track B: How to Work with ConfirmID
A comprehensive guide to implementing and using ConfirmID. This session will include practical tips, best practices, and real-world examples to ensure successful deployment and usage.
- Danoffice IT

Session 3

Track A: Benefits of Digitalization and Impact on the Users
A session where our moderator, Anette Falkenroth, will take us through the work she was involved in at VGR, where she implemented "easy access," a VMware platform plus Imprivata for more than 30,000 clinical users across the region. What are the learning points, and how do you set up an organization that can accommodate a mammoth project like this? Anette will share her experiences, challenges, and the significant impact this digital transformation had on user workflows and patient care.


Track B: Automate Policies and Integrate Custom Scripts
In this technical session, we will explore the automation of policies using Privileged Access Management (PAM) and the integration of custom scripts. This session is ideal for IT professionals looking to enhance security and efficiency in their systems.

Session 4

Track A: Customer Introduction 3 - Client from Finland
This client will share their journey of digital transformation and the role of Imprivata in achieving their goals. More details to be provided.


Track B: Creating Business Cases and Estimating Value
Natalie Collander from Danoffice IT will guide participants through the process of creating compelling business cases for digital projects. She will cover methods for estimating organizational value and budgeting effectively, ensuring that projects gain the necessary support and funding.