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Danoffice IT is a community and we invite you to join. We gladly share our experiences and encourage you to do the same. Together, we can only get smarter and more talented while having fun together

In addition to the everyday community, we have created a handful of network groups which typically consist of 10-20 companies, possibly within the same type of business or with a common interest. The participants usually work in the same type of position and we put in great effort to ensure a good fit within the group.

The classic network meeting starts at the place of business for one of the members of the group and ends in a dinner at a nearby restaurant. The meetings may have different themes. As an example, one of our network groups consists of members of the construction industry (architects, engineers, and the like) and they had the theme of “problems and opportunities in virtualization of the graphically heavy workplaces”.

The untraditional network meeting is... well, untraditional :-) As another example, one of our network groups went to a Forum in Munich together.

Contact Danoffice IT marketing, if you would like examples of network groups and their members.


There is no charge to being a member of our network groups. The dinner is paid for by us and our partners.
Enroll by sending us an email. We will confirm your enrollment and will contact you as soon as we have a relevant network group for you.

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