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Dear customer, partner, and friend, you are hereby invited to a housewarming event in our new Warehouse Solutions Center after which you are invited to join us for networking that includes a hearty lunch, Funen-style, in our headquarters with one of our talented Modern Workplace specialists.

In December of 2022, we were finally able to share the news that we were opening the newest and largest of our Warehouse Solutions Centers. This is a powerhouse in our global supply chain solutions and the logistical epicenter to our locations in Denmark, Switzerland, USA, and Singapore. From here, we deliver fully-loaded units to the entire world. This includes everything from PC’s, tablets, and telephones, to servers, network units, and entire rack cabinets.

Since that time, we have been busy finding the right fit for everything and now we are finally ready to invite you in to have a look under the hood. We are not just going to be looking at warehouse shelves and trucks, we will also have a look at our Config Center. We hope that the insight into our processes will be the foundation for a great discussion afterwards.

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Networking & Lunch

After the tour, you are invited to join us for an excellent lunch, Funen-style, at our headquarters which is right around the corner. Here you will find Modern Work & Security Specialist, Morten Leth Hedegaard, ready to take a bite out of networking during lunch.

It will not be a prolonged event since we all need to go back home, but if you see something worth looking further into, we will gladly invite you to an additional networking event another day in a different location.

Please note that the dialogue will take place in both Danish and English.

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