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While Lenovo’s laptop with a transparent monitor is unlikely to become a new staple item in offices across the world, the new technologies do provide us with an idea of what we can expect to see from an ordinary business laptop in the future. Lenovo demonstrated the monitor at the Mobile World Congress in February and you can watch the video below.

If you are even slightly associated with PC roll-outs in your workplace, it is wise to keep yourself up-to-date on the technologies and Lenovo’s roadmap. We are inviting you to do just that!

During this webinar, we take a tour of the newest generation of the popular PC brand, a tour guided by the most experienced Danish expert in the Think series, Flemming Märtens. Despite a tough year in the PC market, Lenovo has managed to remain at the top of the market in Denmark.

In particular, the popular topic of AI will take up a great portion of the webinar since Lenovo has utilized it to increase function and performance of their products, among other things, by applying AI. We will of course also be discussing both security and sustainability. As we discuss this, Flemming will take us through the process of Lenovo’s Design-Use-Return-Recycle model.

If you do not have the ability to attend on the day of the webinar, we still invite you to sign up so you will receive a link for both the Danish and the English recording of the webinar.

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Project Crystal

As mentioned above, Lenovo introduced a laptop with a transparent monitor at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February, in Barcelona. The laptop is called Project Crystal and is a conceptual device with the first transparent micro LED monitor in the world. It is integrated with AI and a rear camera which enables the PC to recognize objects placed behind the monitor and display them on the monitor. The keyboard is a touchscreen keyboard which can be switched to be a drawing board. Obviously, the project is not created for commercial release, but who knows if the technology will not be incorporated into a real laptop at some point? Watch Lenovo’s video about Project Crystal below.

Meet Märtens

Once again, we have invited Lenovo’s most experienced Danish expert on Think. He is also the product manager in this area: Senior Product Manager, Flemming Märtens.

Flemming is the guy we go to when we need more information about Lenovo’s roadmap on the Think products. Among other things, he recently went to Hungary to visit Lenovo’s new manufacturing plant with a delegation from Danoffice IT along with one of our customers who was interested in seeing the process and learning more about Lenovo’s sustainability efforts.

Meet the Moderator

Our very own experienced moderator, Tina Rasmussen, will keep us on beat through the webinar and will provide the introduction and manage questions.

When Tina is not in front of the camera hosting our webinars, she is an Inside Sales Manager in our division in Hinnerup, Denmark, and her efforts in her everyday job provide her insight into what is popular in the hardware arena. Therefore, we are thrilled that she is once again accepting the role as the moderator for the Lenovo Think webinar.

The Webinar in English

The webinar is scheduled for April 30 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m., in Denmark (UTC + 1) and will be conducted in Danish, but will be recorded in both Danish and English. If you sign up below, you will have access to both the Danish and English recording. Feel free to share the link with your colleagues.

Participating in the Lenovo Think 2024 webinar is free, however, it is reserved for Danoffice IT’s (potential) customers.

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