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As always, HPE had created a beautiful event focused on great partnerships, development, and progress. Our joint organization was successful in this years awards ceremony, just as we were last time. We brought home three of the big ones!

When HPE throws a party, only very few can keep up. They brought out the big confetti-canon and everyone who showed up to celebrate each other and our joint fairytale in the IT business was met by HPE's Danish Managing Director, Tine Sonne, and Danish Channel Country Manager, Jimmy Hougaard. Fairytales was also the theme of this year’s festivities at the Hector Awards which took place in the beautiful Hans Christian Andersen castle in Copenhagen Tivoli. Both inside and out, the light had been made HPE green – truly magnificent!

Danoffice IT is among the leading HPE partners in Denmark. This was achieved through great commitment and large investments in the collaboration on both sides, as well as by having some of the heavy hitters when it comes to specialists in Denmark. Because of this, it is a great pleasure to see that our joint hard work continues to make a difference when the awards are presented.

And the award goes to...

...Danoffice IT and Niels Vejrup Pedersen! Twice, our CEO, Lars Baun, got to walk up and greet the host to receive an HPE award. Once for the Network Partner of the Year and for the second year in a row, for the main award titled Hector of the Year (formerly known as The Wolf). These are awards of great significance to us. Our network business on the Aruba network is constantly growing through strategic efforts in which we educate our talented specialists according to Aruba’s programs.

As for Hector of the Year, that is an award in its own class. In the words of HPE: "HECTOR OF THE YEAR shows the way for the rest of the group of talented partners and even though the wolf is both sociable and humorous, it will show its teeth if a competitor comes too far into its territory by increasing speed and having tenacity."

We want to be in the front, take responsibility, and lead the way. We are aware of our role and our span. We have a sustainability outlook on the world and our business, so we say:
THANK YOU to HPE for this special award!

Extraordinary award for extraordinary effort

Finally, the specialists were recognized. Our highly decorated veteran, Niels Vejrup Pedersen, once again hit it big. Niels was awarded the title of “Heavy Hitter of the Year”. He is most certainly in the heavy weight class in his field and has the title HPE Storage Ambassador in Denmark. On a worldwide scale, he has been named HPE Worldwide Partner Ambassador and thus, it is fitting to describe him as highly decorated. The award for Heavy Hitter of the Year is described as follows by HPE: "…respect for the people who continue to increase their knowledge and repeatedly win the case for our joint customers. This award is bestowed upon the person with the most valid HPE certifications in the partner program in FY22."

Kudos to Niels for bringing home this big award two years in a row. And congratulations to Mikael Winter, who was also nominated for Heavy Hitter of the Year, as well as to Martin Schjørring and Steffen Hansen, who were both nominated for Team Player of the Year.

We wish all award winners and nominees congratulations and thank you for a lovely evening in good company. Last and not least a big THANK YOU to HPE for these awards and for a fairytale dream of an evening.

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