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Our HPE Worldwide Ambassador, Niels Vejrup Pedersen, is among the heavy hitters when it comes to servers and storage both in Denmark and globally.

That lead to us being given the opportunity to speak on the large American media platform, CRN to discuss HPE’s new Alletra Storage MP which is a Hybrid Could Storage Management and with that, the future is now. According to Niels, it is a game-changer.

The focus of the interview with CRN was HPE’s launch of the new Alletra platform – a next generation platform for Hybrid Cloud Storage Management. In the Danoffice IT organization, we have had a strong collaboration for many years with HPE both in Denmark and globally and we are among those with the highest level of certifications. We invest fully in our partnership for the benefit of our customers and the progress. In this instance, progress is the operative word Niels Vejrup states and explains to CRN that with the Alletra system and the Green Lake’s Pay per Use Cloud platform, HPE is well ahead of its competitors in the innovation race centered around being able to offer the best Hybrid Cloud management tool.

Even though it is brand new, we are some of the first ones ready to assist our customers in getting started: "Alletra Storage MP is right out the gate becoming our primary solution for our customers. Placing storage management in the cloud is the future and something that has been requested by more and more customers. This desire is what HPE has responded to. It is a game changer for enterprise storage," is what we are hearing. With that, Niels confirms that this is not simply a new product - because we have the heavy hitters ready to roll it out to our customers as it is right now.

Customizable, good business

The Alletra platform is a modular file and block storage system which makes data management very simple and intuitive. The customers can now control and protect their workloads in a new way. "It has some unique innovative features in terms of how customizable it is and how it is structured which is very different from the storage systems we know today," Niels says.

Furthermore, he refers to HPE’s pricing of Alletra as aggressive in that it contains options which are normally only seen in Enterprise. Those features were usually only known from the larger and heavier products, yet they are now accessible to a lot more companies and are brought into a new sweet spot in the market.

An ambassador is speaking up

This is surely not the first time Niels is offered the valuable and well-deserved opportunity to speak in the big media outlets, however, it is not every day that a media outlet of this stature passes the microphone our way. The requirements are sky high and only the cream of the crop get in. As such, it is no coincidence that our edgemo veteran and storage specialist Niels Vejrup Pedersen was extended an invitation. This is a great opportunity to let the world know that we are on the cutting edge of the newest technology.

We do not just talk about it, we also take action.

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