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Our annual report is once again receiving positive attention immediately after being released. However, the report for 2022 is also a story about a positive development in our organization – and a development achieved through excellent teamwork across the board and all while looking outward at the entire world.

Both ITWatch and Computerworld were the early birds and released articles based on an accounting which is different in that it is the first complete accounting after the fusion was completed between Danoffice IT and edgemo in March of 2022, yet with an effective date of January 2022. The difference truly shows. “Together, we will be strong” is what we said in 2021 and together we were indeed strong in 2022! It was a tough year for everyone in the business as it was filled with uncertainty and a high rate of inflation, Yet despite all that, we produced a solid accounting.

As is clear from our accounting, we are a global organization and we place our focus outward into the world. Our activities in America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific in particular not only demonstrate great growth, but are also a manifestation of our focus and business being connected at its core. We want to make a difference in the world, but we must also plan ahead and behave well! Therefore, our efforts in sustainability, responsibility, and our overall ESG investments are all helping us pave a road for the future. We do so for ourselves, for our customers, and hopefully also for our industry.



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