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As of April 1, the prices of all Microsoft licenses are increasing by 11%. This is no longer news to some of us, but to many people, this is a change they are not prepared to face. 

This is not completely unexpected during these times of inflation and energy crisis, but to put it in laymen’s terms, it sure is a bummer. Luckily, you can avoid a truly big hit; if you act fast, and call a license specialist.

Last year, we witnessed Microsoft increase their CSP licenses a bit and now we are seeing it again, but this time, it applies to all their licenses. However, because many companies renew their licenses in February, there is also an opportunity to beat the price increases either fully or partially. We are among the ones with the highest Microsoft certifications and our consultants are top shelf. Naturally, our license specialists are on standby to help!

”April being the cut-off means that we still have time to create a strong foundation to create a best-case scenario where you do not feel the increase coming up, for instance by creating new license packages. If your company normally renews after April 1, it is possible to acquire new licenses right now and then later roll off any existing ones.”


Jimmy Wolfhagen, Cloud License Specialist

These Days, Price Hikes are a Hot Topic

Many may believe that Microsoft’s earnings basis is fairly strong and that an increase seems unnecessary, but according to Jimmy Wolfhagen, several factors come into play: “There is an obvious alignment with the value of the American dollar, however, the explanation for the root cause is clearly related to actual inflation and international insecurity”, he says and continues: “It started with the energy prices and unfortunately, it now once again affects the licenses.”


The Best Support Available

We can offer Microsoft’s Premium Partner Support in that we have a new Partner Solution designation! This is an exclusive support for customers who need complete end-to-end support across the complete Microsoft platform. Reach out to Jimmy or Nikolaj for more information.

Have You Spoken with Your License Advisor Recently?

Let us take a look at your overall licenses right now and create an overview.

  • Which ones need to be renewed and which ones should be added on, and finally, which ones should be terminated to avoid the price hike in April?
  • Are your users not 100% identical in your organization? Get the right licenses according to your users’ needs. -There is money to be saved here.
  • Do you need the CSP portal and the option to purchase these new online services yourself? Do you need an overview of your Azure usage? We offer you a new 2-in-1 solution!


Our licinse specialists, Jimmy Wolfhagen og Nikolaj Jensen are ready to help.

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