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We are a part of something bigger than ourselves. When we do business with the world's leading charitable organizations, it is not just about IT, but about making a difference. We have now done so for more than two decades. 

Therefore, we are proud and humbled that we have been able to renew our contract with one of the world's largest IGOs, for the third time in a row. This is a collaboration which requires world class logistics and a deep cultural understanding as well as ultimate compliance performance.

The recently regained contract has ripple effects to millions of people all over the entire world. Therefore, at Danoffice IT, we enjoy supporting this IGO in their work of making a life-saving difference to people in peril. These are people who are in need as a result of turmoil, war, catastrophes, and climate changes. “We are convinced that through this continued partnership, we can free up resources which will strengthen the yield of the work of this IGO in the world,” Jan Linnet, Vice President at Danoffice IT, says and continues: "We are helping to make a difference. We are part of a larger cog. Our chance to do this is based on the experience and platform we have created over the past 25 years and that insight makes all the difference.”

Local Remote Support

Being the regular supplier to one of the world’s largest IGOs requires an ongoing investment in both the relationships and the actual work encompassed by the contract. “Whether we are talking about an ordinary company or an IGO, you have the same needs from an IT perspective, however, those are also the only parallels to the IT business as we know it,” Jan states. He explains that Danoffice IT has created an onsite staffed department at the customers headquarter as part of this contract to strengthen and support the end-user experience.

”The customer is divided into two layers. Their headquarters is located in Europe and there, they have an IT department. We have established an onsite support function here, which has a daily presence for the customer. The support crew performs the first and second layer of support. The organization itself has more than 15,000 users and the headquarters itself has approximately 10% of the employees. We have the pleasure of delivering to each and every one. This support department consists of 5 employees who are local and have contracts pursuant to local conditions such as pension and work environment. These are benefits which the customer appreciates greatly” Jan says.

The Value of Volume

Jan points out a key benefit to the customer in the cooperation established by the new contract. “One thing which is completely unique to this cooperation is that we can offer something many desire. It is something which any top 100 company in the world seeks out, and this is Volume of Scale,” he says.

“Everyone wants to be able to standardize, but not many can deliver an actual ‘true global’ contract, which supports this. This is because everyone wants to run different applications and this creates requirements for the equipment used, especially when you reach specific regions in which you run into the challenge of accessibility of equipment with the right configurations. However, over the course of the years, we have created a platform of supply chains and the like, wherefore, the customer simply does not experience a shortage of the equipment. Even if the conditions are extreme.”

Here, Jan elaborates on the elements which help make all this possible in Danoffice IT's global logistics platform: “We are more or less the only ones in the world who can offer and create a true centralization anchored in standardization,” he says. “Normally, the manufacturers do not like global agreements because they have local considerations in mind. However, we are unique in that we can push both centralization and standardization. The result is that the customers receive one global price. And we also offer a very special Warranty Support which we can launch in the specific location. This is where we can actually offer a global warranty in the IT equipment through centralization and standardization.” Jan also confirms that these benefits not only befall large IGOs and we can certainly add value for international companies in our Global Corporate Sales.

Great Global Services

Not only do we deliver to the farthest corners of the world, we also provide IT services as a supplement to the large volume of hardware and devices. “Our contract with this large organization also includes services. We have an extremely short delivery period. In our world, a normal delivery is based on build-to-order from the manufacturer to the customer, but in this contract, we have a global obligation of 14 days which means our service level is incredibly short in this agreement.

Transparency - Always

Today, all IT equipment is subject to a number of regulations which vary from region to region. As such, we are subject to a lot of restrictions. Jan confirms that this complicates things further and often to an extreme extent because we operate in areas where pre-approval of IT equipment is a standard requirement. “Our export compliance is of the absolute highest standard – we screen every single shipment and to us, compliance means a zero tolerance policy. It takes time to bring the equipment into more complex parts of the world and this is a constant challenge, but we never ever compromise”, Jan states. “We have made our own local efforts and we even assess the local duty agents to ensure that we are 100% compliant. This is something deeply ingrained in our DNA. We do things right; through regular and completely exceptional quality checks”. 


Sustainable IT for the Win

Delivering IT on a global scale is technically Danoffice IT’s main business. However, the purpose stretches far beyond that. We base our core business strategy off the UN Global Goals, and this means we are constantly mindful of how we can create a positive change in relation to sustainability. In that we are members of UN’s Global Compact, we have also obligated ourselves to this.

According to Jan, this plays a key role in our dealings with global organizations: “We are the first in the world to offer global buy-back of used equipment which can be resold.

Often times, we see that it is difficult for global organizations to get their used IT equipment put up for reuse because the manufacturer does not have a presence in all the hotspots of the world. However, many of our customers have missions in those locations and because of this, at Danoffice IT, we offer a global buy-back of used IT equipment in which we ensure the customer a large portion of the purchase price,” he says and further elaborates: "Because we do it this way, we can offer buy-back of used IT equipment in more than 180 countries. To many companies, sustainability remains a topic of conversation and greenwashing, but we provide actual true circular economy”.

A Global Logistics Company

Jan states that among other things, the regained contract has been made possible because Danoffice IT truly is a global logistics company. “We deliver to more than 180 countries and this logistics skill makes it possible to deliver to all addresses in the world. We can accommodate all terms of delivery in the world. We have a completely unique know-how in terms of how one delivers to the various regions and we have a logistics motor which only few in our industry can match globally,” Jan Linnet concludes.

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