IT Recycling


We have a strong focus on the environment and our planet and we therefore offer our customers IT recycling services and hereby contribute to the UN global goals for sustainable development.

We collect your used IT equipment from all around the world

Through our well-documented process we can collect your used IT equipment anywhere in the world thus extending its lifetime and supporting circular economy thinking. You will receive a financial return as we often experience repurchase prices between 10-15% of the investment price – a return that could be used for a reinvestment.


We buy all types of IT-related used products if they remain functional and are in a reasonably good visual condition. We have buyers for all product types listed below – regardless of brands.

  • Server and storage
  • Backup
  • Networking equipment
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Laptops and desktops

Data wiping, destruction and GDPR

Our data handling processes are based on mutual trust and on GDPR compliance in particular. We handle data wiping with certificate, as well as data destruction through our degaussing equipment. If your used IT equipment has value, you will receive a data wiping report and a specific certificate for every single data carrying media – otherwise we will degauss your data media. We have implemented a management system for information security (ISMS), which is based on relevant inspections from ISO 27001. To ensure compliance with internal security requirements, we carry out regular self inspections which are audited annually by an external law firm.

Destruction with care

If we receive used equipment that cannot be recycled, we ensure that it is disposed of in an environmentally correct manner through our experienced ISO 14001 certified partners.

We handle the complexity of used IT assets on a global scale

Acting on a global scale with our well-documented process, we can collect your used IT equipment anywhere in the world, in a secure manner. This is how we collect and handle your used IT assets:

Collection icon

Collection of equipment

  • Asset list of displaced IT equipment is completed and sent to Danoffice IT

  • Agreement regarding collection is made, including contact information and pickup date

  • Instructions regarding packaging and pickup are sent to customer

Logistic icon

Secure end-to-end logistics

  • Packaging details incl. asset list are sent to Danoffice IT

  • Quotes are requested from freight forwarder and analysed to minimise cost

  • Danoffice IT coordinates collection of shipment with customer

  • Shipment is collected on agreed date

  • Danoffice IT coordinates export process incl. compliance – and shipment is forwarded to Denmark

  • GDPR compliance – signed “subcontractor agreement” with logistics partners regarding IT security

  • Relevant inspections from ISO 27001

Sorting icon

Sorting of equipment

  • Equipment is delivered to processing facility

  • The shipment is inspected for completeness and damages

  • Equipment will be unpacked and counted

  • Equipment is sorted into relevant categories

Safe recycling icon

Data wiping and safe recycling

  • Equipment for resale or recycling, containing data, will be securely wiped or destroyed by degaussing all data carrying media

  • Using market-leading software – we guarantee 100% confirmed security for completed data erasure

  • Certified with Common Criteria EAL3+ as well as National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

  • Software used ensures compliance with GDPR and NIST 800-88

  • Recycling of equipment that has no value – via ISO 14001 certified partners

  • GDPR compliance – signed “subcontractor agreement” with recycling partners, regarding IT security

Settlement icon

Resale, reporting and settlement

  • Relevant inspections from ISO 27001

  • Equipment is sold into secondary or retail markets – internationally

  • 12 years of experience in the international market for buyers

  • Member of international communities in wholesale – world-leading price level

  • Revenue share is calculated based on sales value and cost

  • Customer share of revenue is sent to customer

  • Data erasure report is sent to customer


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