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A consultant who has the versatility of a Swiss army knife with 150 international travel days per year, the highest certifications available, and 6 children! If you did not know any better, you would think Mikael Winther was one of the superheroes in The Fantastic Four. And frankly, he is not far from it.

Mikael Winther is an IT Technologist, one of our colleagues, and a bit of a globetrotter. Over the past 7 years, he has traveled to most all areas of the world as a consultant to assist NGO's and IGO's with their datacenters. You do not just do that, it requires skills and certifications. The latter Mikael has more than 900 of and on November 15, 2021, he added a new and significant status. The reason for this was that Mikael was awarded the title of 6x HPE Master ASE which means that he has passed 6 different HPE Master ASE certifications. As of this writing, only 4 people in the world have this status and Mikael is one of those 4!


The whole world is his office

Mikael is officially a member of Danoffice IT’s division in Svendborg. However, he does not spend much time in that office as he has an average of 150 travel days per year, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. His travels take him to the USA, Brazil, and Tanzania to name a few places. These travels require special approvals and visas.

In particular, many of Mikael’s projects have been carried out for IGO's and most of those are conducted on the African continent. To be clear, not just anyone gets the opportunity to work with them, it requires extra confidence and trust which among other things have been achieved through Mikael’s many cases and references. 

A lot of logistics and planning are required when you travel to that extent, particularly when you have 6 children at home. “Luckily, it is all worth it,” Michael says. ”The boomerang of praise we hear from the customers around the world when they express being in good hands and that things just work, makes all the difference to me.”

A 4-in-1 consultant

Not only is Mikael as well-traveled globetrotter, he is also a bit of a Swiss army knife. His many years as a consultant have given him an in-depth knowledge of many different parts of the datacenter. This knowledge enables him to handle several projects on his own where others would potentially need 4 consultants to complete the same task. This fact alone obviously makes an enormous difference to both our customers and to us. Rather than spending resources on flying up to 4 consultants out for a project, at various times, over the course of a couple of weeks, we can send Mikael on a solo mission to manage the entire project in a week and a half. The tasks are then handled much more efficiently and in a more practical manner.

Anyone who has worked on a project with several people involved knows the challenges that come with that afterwards when one tries to get a full understanding of what was done. This is substantially easier when one man knows the entire setup and can answer quickly when it comes to troubleshooting or configuration changes. Last but not least, our customers also save time and money because they can avoid sending their IT equipment to us for troubleshooting and then have the element sent back to them to correct the issue. This is efficient work which benefits both Mikael and our customers.

The Fantastic 4

Now that Mikael is a member of the 6x Master ASE club, he has access to advice and feedback from the experts at an entirely different level. Those few members have a world of their own when it comes to HPE. You can compare it to the Formula 1 drivers who work hard for many years to obtain the exact skills needed to become part of an exclusive group of dedicated and talented people. Mikael and the other three experts also have a group in which they can share challenges and successes. If Mikael hits a roadblock on a project, he knows where he can get help to find a solution.

Denmark’s strongest HPE partner

Given Mikael’s and his consultant colleagues’ extensive knowledge of HPE, we dare say that we can solve any challenge you may have when it comes to HPE. In that respect, we invite you to also meet Niels Vejrup. We regularly see that HPE directs companies to us when they experience challenges. This strengthens our relationships and networks, but also our management and knowledge of various challenges going forward so we can continue to be on the cutting edge and remain innovative.

We are very pleased with Mikael’s achievements and proud to have Denmark’s only 6x HPE Master ASE on our team. Finally, we wanted to add a tip of the hat to Mikael’s partner at home who makes it possible for him to accept projects all over the world.

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