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Are you facing a large change in your infrastructure? Then keep reading! Now, we are putting 10 free HPE CloudPhysics analysis including competent counseling on the table. This is the equivalent of one free consultant day per analysis. This offer is good until June 30, 2022.

Gauge the status of your infrastructure. Get help with troubleshooting. Get clarification on the challenges related to your update. Or find the balance between the cloud and on-premises. There are many great reasons to having an assessment tool like HPE CloudPhysics analyze your infrastructure. We do this on a regular basis, especially when the customer is facing a large change in the infrastructure. It simply provides a better basis for decision-making.

If you have the right dialogue, setup, and follow-up, the process typically takes one day so normally, the analysis would be the cost of a consultant’s day with one of my talented colleagues. However, now, you can get this absolutely free. The HPE CloudPhysics analysis and the report. We are giving away a total of 10 free analysis from now until June 20, 2022.

Contact us directly and we will get right back to you to have a dialogue about needs and expectations.

The Technology behind HPE CloudPhysics

In short, HPE CloudPhysics is an analysis and simulator tool for your entire IT infrastructure. Thus, it covers both the physical and virtual servers and the storage systems. One of the benefits of HPE CloudPhysics is that it is very detailed and it is not limited to analyzing just HPE hardware.

The downside is that HPE CloudPhysics only works with VMware (however, we do have other solutions if you do not use VMware in your infrastructure). Initially, the entire Vcenter installation is included, but subsequently, you can use filters to focus on isolated VM’s. The data collection is running until you stop Vapp, but the analysis is ready in merely 7 days.

Meet 3 of the consultants behind the campaign below.

  • Stefen Hansen

  • Preben Hrouda-Rasmussen

  • Niels Vejrup

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