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We have committed ourselves to contributing to and participating in Microsoft’s Partner Pledge program. This is an initiative focused on how much we can achieve if we come together and benefit from our common strengths.

Sustainability, responsibility, diversity, and inclusion are all relevant to other industries not just our own, however, when combined with cyber security, digital skills, and preparedness, we can put ourselves and our common IT industry to work for the benefit of the future.  

Microsoft’s initiative focuses on a number of values that we in Danoffice IT have had as key focus areas for many years. First and foremost, the overall key word is collaboration. However, joint forward momentum can only be achieved if the road is paved with responsibility and decency. In fact, Microsoft is of the opinion that only responsible companies that demonstrate awareness should have a license to operate.


Our ESG initiatives

Partner Pledge Program

The Five Pillars

  • Sustainability

  • Cybersecurity

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Digital Skills

  • Responsible & Ethical AI

Common Launching Pad - Start

On March 3 2022, the ambitious Partner Pledge Program was launched at a large Kick-Off Summit which our own Henriette Normann-Ekegren had the pleasure of attending. At Danoffice IT, we have created and prioritized a new area of responsibility in our business within the ESG arena and Henriette has assumed the role of Manager of it. She is looking forward to participating from the beginning as well as following the development in the joint efforts going forward.

“Historically speaking, at Danoffice IT, we have maintained an awareness of our role in the world and we have maintained our focus on responsibility and sustainability. In addition to that, we have enjoyed an in-depth collaboration with Microsoft for many years, wherefore, it is completely natural for us to dedicate ourselves to Microsoft Partner Pledge,” Henriette Normann-Ekegren says and adds: “Our commitment to large international NGO’s, operating in the hotspots of the world, speaks for itself and the addition of NpVision which will be operating under the name Danoffice IT Green going forward ensures that sustainability will play a large role in our business. We will not just be participating; we will contribute and we look forward to it.”

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