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Often times, the system administrators have very poor options when they experience a critical breakdown in their IT infrastructure and they become another number in the queue for the support hotline. In situations like these, time is money and the access to the proper resources is just as critical as the situation is in itself.

Because of this, we offer our customers the unique concept of Microsoft Critical Preparedness. This is a guarantee that you will have access to help when things go off the rails!

Do you have an MFA that will not work? Has your AD crashed? Or do you have an issue with a Microsoft patch which is not critical, but is creating critical errors in your system? The causes are many, but what they all have in common is that the system administrator must act quickly and precisely when any operational outage is at bay.

Therefore, we, at Danoffice IT, have developed a service which is in high demand: Critical Preparedness for Microsoft Infrastructure. This is preparedness with a capital "P" and with a response time only matched by very few. Please contact us if you need assistance with establishing a secure contingency plan.

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”In short, this is about having guarantee that you will have access to the proper skills in a critical situation. This is an important help to the system administrator. In the event of a critical system breakdown, it is often important to have access to expert assistance”, says Annette Lading, Vice President for Managed Services in Danoffice IT.


”When everything has gone off the rails, you do not want to be pressing 1 or 2 to be transferred and you do not want to be placed on hold in a queue. We also do not have any chat-bots! We answer calls 24/7 and we answer within seconds – and we guarantee that the right skills will be provided for the task immediately. In other words: the proper help for critical operations problems for your Microsoft technology-based infrastructure”.

An Important Piece of an Overall Security Preparedness

The critical preparedness is activated in the classic situations, i.e. after a hardware crash. However, we do not stop after the hardware is back up and running. This is because there are often problems in bringing the Microsoft platform back up and running. Even if the error is not in the Microsoft technologies per se, the operation is critically affected and thus, our preparedness can be activated.

The Preparedness Agreement Works on the following

  • All platforms based on Microsoft technologies
  • On-premises, Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure: We determine whether the error is in your local environment or in the cloud


Annette emphasizes that one critical factor of the development of the preparedness is that many companies do not obtain cyber security insurance before they have a preparedness plan. “A well-founded security preparedness containing complete strategies is the be all end all in ensuring the operations and your company. This is where the Microsoft Critical Preparedness can become an important component t in the overall preparedness of the company.”

”Companies must have a preparedness plan. Once the damage is done, our preparedness service ensures access to the proper skills. Prevention of a cyber security attack is important. We offer assistance in revieing your company’s IT security”, Annette Lading concludes.

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