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On December 22, 2021, we were given the wonderful early Christmas present of being named Aruba Regional Reseller of the Year. Meet one of the reasons: Kim Ejby! Kim is the poster child for maintaining focus, dedicating oneself to one’s field, and becoming a specialist. His work as our special agent of networks is founded on more than two decades of hard work and today, that benefits us as well as our customers.

Operating under the title Senior Principal Solutions Architect, Kim creates network solutions while drawing from his experience which dates back to 1999. However, experience is not all he has; he has the credentials to back it up! He has nearly an uncountable number of certifications, including expert certifications from Aruba, Silver Peak, and Palo Alto. Kim states that he uses these certifications to stay razor sharp in his knowledge of network technology which is a field he is deeply passionate about. However, he is also a humble expert who acknowledges that he is part of a team. “I have a vast number of certifications and I enjoy bringing them onto the field AND what’s more, I have some extremely talented consultants with me who I can pass the ball to when we are ready to bring the solutions to life.”


The Good Network

Kim’s journey to having a career as a network expert began in 1999. “I was hired by a global distributor and ended up in the HP division. I did not work with networks, but with server and storage solutions. HP only had a few switch products so when a network was set up, Cisco was used,” he says.


However, Kim has not merely worked with networks, he has also played a key part in the development of products and roll-outs on the market from the beginning: “HP wanted to offer the customers their own network portfolio so they introduced HP ProCurve and they only had one man in the Danish town of Allerød who was responsible for it. He presented it to me and I then added that to my line of products. Thereafter, we were able to build a pretty good business fairly quickly. Creating businesses centered around the products is another thing I am passionate about.”

Global Ambassador

Since then, things all fell in line and the focus remained on that path. This has been demonstrated by an excellent amount of effort and thus, he received honorable recognition a few years ago. “In February of 2017, I received an email from Aruba inviting me to become a part of their global Aruba Partner Ambassador Team. We have just a bit more than 120 members from all across the world and I report to their Chief Technology Officer in EMEA,” Kim says and adds: “It is incredibly interesting work. One of the benefits is that I get a great deal of insight into what is in their roadmaps. As an ambassador, I am provided insight and the opportunity to roundhouse issues as well as the ability to offer input if I see any issues or want to suggest features. They are truly receptive to feedback. That also means it becomes exciting to be a part of the development.” Kim meets up twice a year with his fellow ambassadors in Europe and the USA respectively, and they work on the various lines of product.    

Exceptional Level – Exceptionally Good Service

Kim’s high-level credentials come with access to a high level of service from Aruba. “The technical support made available to us is something special. And it will greatly benefit the customers. Because we are a Platinum Partner and in the Partner Ambassador Program, we can jump directly to the 3rd Level Support. This means that if we have a critical support issue, we can skip several initial support levels and get quick access to the top shelf in Aruba. In this, my focus on customer satisfaction falls perfectly in line with Aruba’s motto: Customer First – Customer Last,” he concludes.

Aruba Regional Reseller of The Year 2021

Not only is Kim acquiring valuable knowledge, he is actually also gaining access to the future, which means that he is provided knowledge about what will be happening within Aruba. “This means that I can provide specialized guidance to our customers and I can look ahead on behalf of our customers. If the customer is requesting something that I know will be phased out or will be technically surpassed in a short amount of time, I can provide guidance regarding that.” As such, we offer something unique to our customers and they are provided with a very special level of confidence in their solutions.


In Denmark, we were awarded the title of Partner of the Year in 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. In addition to that, we were awarded the title of Partner of the Year Europe North in 2018 and 2021. Moreover, in 2021, we were among the 3 nominations for Partner of the Year EMEA 2021. As such, it is clear that laser sharp focus and dedication create results and satisfied customers.”

Being Danoffice IT

You need something special in order to have a specialist like Kim in-house. And we mean that in the best way possible. This is because being specialized at the highest level requires something extra! Luckily, Kim found that something extra with us at Danoffice IT. “It is crucial that our management understands the fact that our skills are important to the business. People like us are driven by a passion for our profession and we need freedom in order to get to, and stay at, the highest level. I appreciate that very much. The best way to measure that investment is in the fact that we continue to generate growth. Undoubtedly, I am proud of that fact,” Kim says and continues: “It is not enough to get approval for three days off here and there in order to brush up a bit. You must stay current and updated in order to perform your best for your colleagues and customers. And in order for that to happen, you cannot keep running back and forth to ask for permission.”

The Big Picture – Going Back in Time…

An IT person such as Kim certainly has a counterbalance – a side of himself where work is set to the side for a moment. Kim’s off-duty passion is photography and the universe itself. That’s right, we are talking astro photography! This way, he ties the story of his professional performance neatly together with the person he is at home. In his work, he looks at the big picture and has insight into the development of tomorrow, and at home, he does the same, just in reverse.  

”It is incredibly exciting and complex to create photographs of a galaxy. It is fascinating to photograph lights that are 27 million years old. It is almost abstract, but a true passion of mine.” However, Kim does not walk around with his head in the clouds all the time. He is also an enthusiastic landscape photographer with his feet planted solidly on the ground.

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